“The Dude is Large” – Julian Edelman Reveals his First Reaction Upon Meeting Cam Newton

August 11, 2020 11:50 pm

The last couple of months have been some sort of a roller coaster ride for the former Carolina Panthers man, Cam Newton. The former NFL MVP has suffered a ‘fall from grace’ over the last two years.

A man who was an unstoppable force of nature has been hit with injuries since 2018.

Due to foot and shoulder injuries, Newton played just one game for the Panthers over the course of the 2019 season. It seemed as though no one wanted to take a risk on him this offseason.

However, Tom Brady’s exit from New England Patriots opened up a window for Newton.

Bill Belichick took a gamble by bringing in Newton on a short-term deal. Despite his recent setbacks, Cam remains confident of nailing a starting quarterback berth in New England.

Is he fated to experience a fairytale return this season, or is it going to be a crash-and-burn affair for Cam?

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Julian Edelman in awe of new quarterback Cam Newton

In a recent interview, New England Patriots’ veteran wide receiver Julian Edelman talks about new teammate Cam Newton.

“He’s a specimen, for sure. When you first meet him — just his stature, the dude is large, put together well and he has great energy. He has a great energy about himself.

“I was really impressed with his work ethic and his mindset. Just like I have been impressed with Stidham’s and Hoyer’s. I have been throwing with those guys as well,” Edelman said.

Newton is currently involved in a three-way battle with Brian Hoyer and Jarrett Stidham for a starting quarterback berth. Newton is currently on a one-year deal with the Pats. He stands to earn a little over $1.5 million (including bonuses).

If he makes an impact in New England this year, will the Patriots sign him to a multi-million dollar long-term deal? Only time will tell.

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