“He’s Not Even Close”: Former New York Jets Quarterback Chooses Between Aaron Rodgers and Lamar Jackson

July 10, 2020 3:27 am

There’s no denying to the fact that Lamar Jackson had a phenomenal rise from being a rookie to a starter quarterback. Even the Baltimore Ravens wouldn’t have imagined that the 23-year old will become an NFL MVP in just his second season.

He is indeed talented, young, and if he produces similar performances consistently over the upcoming years, it would be a matter of time before he’s hailed as an elite athlete.

As of now, the football world is divided into two spheres. While some are claiming that at this point, Jackson is the most lethal quarterback in the NFL, others believe that it’s still Aaron Rodgers who rules the position.

Such a debate happened on the TV show, “Get Up”. The video of the debate was posted to Twitter.

Lamar Jackson terrifies Former Dallas Cowboys defensive end

Recently, ESPN released the preview for the 2020 NFL season, where they ranked quarterbacks according to the votes they received. Aaron Rodgers ranked third while Lamar was placed sixth. This is where the debate started.

Former Dallas Cowboys defensive end Marcus Spears revealed that Lamar is the one who would terrify him on the field.

Spears said, “Listen, we know this is historical. Let’s be honest. We know that Aaron Rodgers being third is based on Aaron Rodgers’ history. If you watched the NFL like I did last year, Lamar Jackson to me… You can make an argument that he should be ahead of Russell Wilson.

“But if you watch the NFL and you ask me, ‘Who are you terrified at being playing against out of Lamar Jackson and Aaron Rodgers… And it’s ain’t slightly near. Aaron Rodgers is still great. Aaron Rodgers is really really good, went to the NFC Championships last year.

“But Lamar Jackson gives me more problems than Aaron Rodgers. Is he a better passer? No. If the totality of a football game, I’m more terrified of Lamar Jackson than I’m of Aaron Rodgers at this stage.”

However, Spears’ opinion was rejected by former New York Jets quarterback Greg McElroy.

Is Aaron Rodgers out of Lamar’s reach?

According to the 32-year old, Lamar is nowhere near Aaron Rodgers. Although he appreciated Jackson’s abilities as a passer, Greg McElroy is a firm believer that Rodgers is the man any sane individual would select if they want to win the Super Bowl.

He said, “I love Lamar Jackson. He should be no lower than five. We’ll start there. Are you serious right now? You’re gonna take Lamar Jackson, right now, based on how he performed in the playoffs.

“Because that’s when you’re defined as a quarterback. I’ll give you regular season stats all you want. That’s fine. Give them to me. I’ve seen a million guys that are incredible in the regular season but can’t get it done in January.

“Well, guess what, Lamar Jackson in two playoff starts has been remarkably unimpressive.”

Greg continued, “I know he is a freak show, I know he is just bound for stardom. He’s only getting started. I actually believe that he’s a much better passer than some of the people realize.

“He’s a little streaky, but as he continues to develop and become a more all-rounded player, he’d be absolute hell on wheels. But speaking at this point… If you have to win the Super Bowl, right now, you’ve to win the Super Bowl, you take in Lamar Jackson to start for your team or Aaron Rodgers.

“Of course, for me, it’s Aaron Rodgers. He’s not even close.

Lamar Jackson has a promising future

Jackson had a dream start to his NFL career. He is the second-youngest player in the NFL’s history to be acknowledged as an MVP. Besides, he is also only the second footballer ever to be crowned MVP unanimously.

His accomplishments are marvelous. But these are all individual achievements. In order to be labeled a great quarterback, Lamar must guide his team to a Super Bowl victory.


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