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“Hey Von, I’m Joe”: Watch Joe Burrow Aimlessly Introduce Himself to LA Rams’ Star-Studded Defense Before They Obliterated Him

Published 02/17/2022, 5:43 AM EST

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Joe Burrow had a solid resurgence in his second season with the Cincinnati Bengals as they went on dominating the AFC Division. Burrow rallied his team towards the Super Bowl for the first time in over 30+ years. However, the team was short-handed in front of the LA Rams and their dynamic defensive front.

The Bengals took a slight lead in the first half, but then situations turned majorly towards the Rams’ defense as they squashed the rival team’s offensive side; sacking Joe Burrow a couple of times. However, the Cincinnati Bengals quarterback took a moment to introduce himself in front of the veterans during the Super Bowl LVI.


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“I’m Joe Burrow. Nice to meet you”

In a video originally captured by NFL Films, we can see Joe Burrow going towards the LA Rams’ defensive front and introducing himself to Von Miller and Aaron Donald during the game. He called out Von twice until he got his attention and then had a slight interaction with Donald.

He also introduced himself to Rams’ Safety Eric Weddle by saying, “Hey, Eric. I’m Joe. Nice to meet you, brother. I loved watching you growing up.” Eric appreciated Burrow for his performance in the entire season. He responded, “Keep it up, man! I love everything about you. All ball, no BS.”


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Joe Burrow’s sportsmanship


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Being his first time competing against the Rams, QB Joe expressed some genuinely great manners by respectfully introducing himself to the pros, although one thing’s for sure that he is no stranger to the rivals. However, defensive stars Donald and Miller sacked Burrow during the game, having 2.0 sacks each. As this was the young star’s first-ever Super Bowl game, he surely wanted to leave an impact on the opponents.

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Joe Burrow’s astonishing comeback after his ACL & MCL tear left the people amazed. He was also presented as the ‘Comeback Player of the Year’ at the 2022 NFL Honors. However, things didn’t work well for the AFC Champions this time, who were determined to bring the Lombardi to Ohio.


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The QB also suffered a knee injury during the match and may undergo a rehab process. With their unsatisfactory performance in the grandest stage of the NFL; critics feel the Bengals need to make some imminent changes in the team’s offensive this time as they head towards the new season.

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