Host of Viral 4th of July Tom Brady Party Sues $3,000,000,000 Printing Giant Over NFL Trading Cards

Published 08/08/2023, 5:43 PM EDT

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Tom Brady attended tycoon Michael Rubin’s 4th of July white party in the Hamptons. There were rumors that Brady was allegedly flirting with Kim Kardashian or model Emily Ratajkowski at the party, but it was later revealed just to be a rumor. In the latest controversy party, the host sued a big printing company worth $3 billion for something unfair. However, the printing company hasn’t agreed with the claims and says the party host is trying to hurt their success.

Last week, Panini started a fight in court by suing Fanatics for unfair competition. They went to a court in Florida to do this. On Monday, Fanatics responded by filing a countersuit in a court in New York. They’re asking for a jury trial and money, claiming that Panini tried to stop Fanatics from being successful by doing things that were wrong and unfair.

Trading card giants Panini and Fanatics take their fight to court


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Trading card company Panini has sued Fanatics, claiming that Fanatics used unfair tactics “calculated, intentional, anticompetitive conduct” to create a monopoly in the trading card industry. Fanatics bought Topps and secured exclusive rights to make NBA and NFL cards.

Panini says it wasn’t given a chance to compete for these rights and wants Fanatics to lose these deals and pay damages. Panini alleged, “[Fanatics] positioned itself to drive Panini and other potential competitors out of the market.”


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Fanatics counter-sued saying Panini tried to harm its success through unfair actions. Fanatics argued that Panini lost the licenses not because of unfair tricks, but because Panini didn’t promote their cards well or come up with new ideas.

Panini” failed to capitalize on opportunities that stood to benefit collectors and business partners,” Fanatics said per Forbes report. Both companies are now in a legal battle over these issues.


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Tom Brady among giants at white-party

The 4th of July white party was a big and fancy event where famous people came to have fun. People like Jennifer Lopez, Ben Affleck, Kim Kardashian, and Jay-Z with Beyoncé were there. Everyone had to wear white clothes to follow the party’s rules. The party was held at a rich person Rubin and his girlfriend Camille Fishel’s house in the Hamptons.


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Some people said that Tom Brady was engaged to Kim Kardashian or model Emily Ratajkowski at the party. But later found out that these were just rumors – not true stories. It turns out that Tom Brady and another model Russian Irina Shayk got to know each other at a wedding in May 2023. They were first seen together in July 2023 when Tom was seen picking up Irina from a hotel in New York City. But Tom Brady didn’t talk to the media about this news until now.

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