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“I Don’t Think He’s Distracted At All”: Amidst Marital Issues, Tom Brady Gets the Clean Chit From Former Dallas Cowboys CB After Questions Arose Around TB12’s Attention to the Game

Published 09/29/2022, 9:30 AM EDT

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NFL legend Tom Brady’s relationship is the talk of the town and has been for weeks. From NFL insiders, and analysts to fans and gossip columnists, everyone is with an ear to the grapevine. But it seems there are people who think this is not anyone’s business, and certainly not theirs. 

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On the show ‘Airing It Out’, Ex-Dallas Cowboys’ Orlando Scandrick and Former Oakland (now Las Vegas) Raiders wide receiver Touraj Houshmandzadeh talk at length about the Green Bay Packers vs the Tampa Bay Buccaneers game, and how the Bucs came out as the better team, even though they lost. 


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Scandrick says he does not believe TB12’s marital issues are reflected on the field. “I don’t think he distracted at all. I think when you’re going through s*it in life, I think the football field is just safe haven”

T.J also seems to agree with Scandrick, saying, “People would say: oh they want to get into Brady’s personal life. I could care less about what goes on at home. I don’t recall playing and thinking of myself damn my wife is mad at me today during the game. You don’t think about that. Until you get a ride home.”

Despite Tom Brady Losing, Ex NFL Players Believe Todd Bowles Had Aaron Rodgers Figured Out

Scandrick and T.J were “not impressed” with the Packers’ performance, especially the offense. While Brady managed to drag his injury-laden offense to a game-deciding last play, the Packers’ offense was easily handled by the Bucs.

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“I look at the Packers and I’m saying: oh, they won the game, I’m not impressed with the Packers,” T.J said. “Aaron Rodgers had a better game, but he played a depleted team from an offensive perspective. So Brady couldn’t put pressure on Rogers to force him to throw the ball to these receivers. They didn’t score in the second half Todd Bowles kind of figured out what they were doing. They shut him down in the second half….”


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The Packers, with their first-choice receivers injured, did manage to put up 14 points in the first half. But Todd Bowles figured the Packers’ offense out and dished 2 quarters of pain for Aaron Rodgers and his men. Already frustrated with his actual receiver corps, this is bound to have frustrated Rodgers to the core.

Adding salt to injury, the Bucs’ offense clawed their way back in the second half. A 14-3 lead became 14-6, with a 1st and goal 3 yards from the endzone. In the next play, the Bucs pushed 2 yards. The third play resulted in an incomplete pass, but they successfully scored a touchdown on 4th down. 

Tom Brady’s Bucs were the better team in the loss against Rodgers’ Packers


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Orlando Scandrick encapsulates why the Bucs actually failed in the last play. Not because of a superior Packers’ defense, but rather because of a delay-of-game foul called on Brady. This results in their 2-point conversion attempt from 2 yards, taken from 7 yards. And with no timeouts left, the GOAT wasn’t able to set his play up in a nerve-wracking situation. 

USA Today via Reuters

“To sum up everything yesterday.” Scandrick says, “You could tell that they have no continuity because they get down to the play, the two-point conversion and Tom’s trying to get them into the right play he’s trying to shift the whole formation they’re all out …. They have no timeouts. They go from the two-yard line to the seven: they lose the game.”


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The former players also believe that the Bucs’ offense had too many new players, and it had no ‘continuity’. Even with such a lineup, the Bucs performed well against a very strong defense. Hence why, Tampa was the better team with the better performance, even though Green Bay did eventually win the game.

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