Is Russell Wilson Envious Of Patrick Mahomes? NFL Analyst Offers Striking Theory

July 12, 2020 1:51 am

Patrick Mahomes’ blockbuster deal with the Kansas City Chiefs took the entire NFL world by surprise. The Super Bowl LIV MVP bagged a massive 10-year contract extension which will come into effect after two years.

Mahomes’ deal will see him earn at least $450 million if he chooses to stay in Missouri until the end of his contract in 2031. He also stands to earn an additional $50 million in performance bonuses which are attached to the contract.

Before Mahomes, Russell Wilson was the highest-paid man in the NFL. Wilson was in terrific form last season with Seattle Seahawks and was unfortunate to miss out on a Super Bowl appearance.

It is interesting to see what the impact of Pat Mahomes’ contract will have on Wilson this season.

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Colin Cowherd suggests Russell Wilson could be jealous of Patrick Mahomes

NFL analyst and popular sports broadcaster Colin Cowherd has an interesting opinion on Wilson’s reaction to the Mahomes deal.

On a recent edition of The Herd with Colin Cowherd show, the famous NFL expert spoke about how Russell might feel a tad envious of Mahomes at the moment due to his new long-term deal.

“They have a Jurassic [offense], I mean, it is such an outdated offense, and Russell Wilson [has] been begging for the last two years, ‘Can I have more input on the offense?’” Cowherd noted.

“Patrick Mahomes doesn’t have to beg. In fact, Patrick Mahomes has had [an] impact on who the Chiefs draft. They’ve asked him, ‘Which receiver do you think works?’ Do you think they do that in Seattle with Russell Wilson? You got to be kidding me.

“He just begs for support. I can see Russell looking at that and saying, ‘Listen, I love where I’m at and I got my Super Bowl, but man.’ We have the two best quarterbacks in the league. The philosophy in Kansas City is total support, build around him.

“The philosophy in Seattle sometimes feel[s] like it’s antagonistic. They both have one Super Bowl [ring]. I think they’ll both win another, but man, I could see Russell Wilson looking at that and saying,’I am a little jealous of the philosophical, weapon[s], coaching, schematic support Mahomes gets in Kansas City,’” Cowherd said on the show.

Wilson, along with Lamar Jackson and Pat Mahomes, ranks in the top-three NFL quarterbacks heading into the 2020 season. The Seahawks were terrific last year under Wilson. They will hope to build on that this year as well.

Wilson is being tipped for NFL MVP year this time out, can he live up to the expectations?

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Daniel Arambur

Daniel Arambur is an NFL journalist for EssentiallySports who is an admirer of the old guard in Green Bay Packers' Aaron Rodgers and Tom Brady. He believes the latter has one more Super Bowl left in him before he bows out for good. Daniel bills Patrick Mahomes as one of the best up-and-coming quarterbacks in the league.

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