“It’s Going Down” – Michael Vick Warns Teams About Tom Brady and the Buccaneers

August 12, 2020 3:46 am

Much like Tom Brady, Michael Vick is considered to be one of the finest quarterbacks ever to have graced the NFL. Vick, a phenomenal athlete in his own right, transformed the quarterback position while playing in the league.

The Philadelphia Eagles star was one of the first in the league to leave a mark with his rushing abilities. The former Atlanta Falcons man was the first quarterback to rush for more than 1,000+ yards. He decided to quit the NFL after a brief stint at the Heinz Field in 2016.

Apart from his on-field achievements, Vick was renowned for his on-field theatrics as well. The Virginia Tech graduate famously sported a ‘visor’ in his helmet during his playing days.

Another top quarterback was seen doing the same recently. Here’s what Vick had to say about him.

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Michael Vick eager to see Tom Brady-led Tampa Bay wreak havoc in the league

“That look right there, I can only imagine, TB 12 is already a machine within his own right. Yeah, I was a trendsetter, I started that whole trend throughout the National Football League and football in general. It was a good look.

“But man If Tom Brady, the GOAT, comes out with the shield, game over bruh. Swag on all-time high, you know, all hell to the Bucs, it’s going down,” Vick said on First Things First.

Without a doubt, if the great Michael Vick says so, it might just turn out to be true. Brady enjoyed the first few weeks of preseason where he trained with his teammates.

The Bucs have some of the finest wide receivers in the league in the form of Mike Evans and Chris Godwin. Add to that, the dynamic Cameron Brate and former Pats star Rob Gronkowski, and you’ve got a strong O-line in your hands.

It will be interesting to see if Head Coach Bruce Arians can lead the Tampa Bay Buccaneers to the playoffs.

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