“I’ve Seen the Best Quarterback in the NFL”- Former Cleveland Browns Linebacker Makes a Choice Between Patrick Mahomes, Deshaun Watson and Lamar Jackson

July 11, 2020 9:51 pm

Ever since Lamar Jackson became an MVP right in his second year in the NFL, the entire football community has gone crazy. And then recently, after the Kansas City Chiefs signed quarterback Patrick Mahomes in a world record contract, people associated with the league along with the football fans have all been thrilled.

But controversy arose when ESPN recently released their 2020 NFL preview. In their list of the best quarterbacks, the publishers have placed Lamar in the 6th position, while Mahomes ranked first.

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According to certain pundits, the 23-year old Baltimore Ravens quarterback should have gotten into the top three. However, former Cleveland Browns’ linebacker, Emmanuel Acho is convinced that there is no mistake in the list.

He believes that Lamar has been successful with the Ravens. But he suggested that Mahomes or Houston Texans’ quarterback Deshaun Watson would produce better results even if they are drafted for any other team apart from their own.

Such might not be the case for Lamar, Acho believes.

Lamar Jackson as a standalone quarterback

On the show, ‘Speak For Yourself’, Acho suggested that Jackson was successful because the Baltimore Ravens could utilize his fullest potential.

As per the video posted on Twitter, he said, “If you’re simply looking through the people, you’re right. But if you are to open up the door, and get the full vantage point, you’ll understand that you’re wrong.

“Now, Lamar Jackson is a beast. He is a beast. I’m not sitting here knocking Lamar but for the sake of this conversation, let’s have a conversation.

“Lamar Jackson, if you pluck him from the Ravens’ roster, because how I’m looking at this is that I love a playing fuel. I’m not looking at Lamar Jackson playing with his three freaking tight ends, and his two nice running backs.

“I ain’t looking at like that. I’m looking at the quarterback at an isolated vantage point.”

According to the former linebacker, Mahomes is better than Lamar, as a standalone quarterback. He thought the same is true for Deshaun Watson and Russell Wilson.

He continued, “Looking at the quarterback in isolation. Patrick Mahomes, I’ve seen the best quarterback in the NFLDeshaun Watson, if you’d have put him on any team, you’re gonna take Deshaun over Lamar. What that means is simple!

“Lamar Jackson in the Ravens might be a better quarterback, but if you had to draft it now blindly, not drafting an entire roster, not drafting an organization, not drafting a head coach, you’re not taking Lamar over Pat Mahomes, you’re not taking Lamar over Russell Wilson, you’re not taking Lamar over Deshaun Watson.”

Lamar’s success is to the Ravens’ credit?

He further talked about Lamar’s success and his phenomenal rise from being a rookie to an NFL MVP. The 29-year old credited the Ravens for Lamar Jackson’s success.

He said, “Because you wouldn’t take Lamar and put him in the same soft ends. You’re now just spreading it out. I need you to throw the ball just 50 times a game. That’s what I need from you. That you’re not taking Lamar.

“The Ravens have built around him masterfully, and they have helped make him along with his phenomenal skillsets an MVP. But, open up the door. See the whole vantage point. See the whole point.”

Indeed, Lamar has shown some lethal moves on the pitch last year. His extraordinary performance ensured that he became only the second athlete in the NFL’s history to be crowned a unanimous MVP.

But his journey has just begun. He has to travel a long way with consistency, to be inducted into the history books as one of the greats. His promising rise is expected to continue when football restarts later this year.

Until then, one can only wonder what awaits him.

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