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Jerry Jones’ Dallas Cowboys Fanbase Ranks Amongst Top 10 Worst Fans In The World

Published 05/23/2022, 10:00 AM EDT

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The Dallas Cowboys fans are a tough crowd to impress. Fans built the sport of football. A club is nothing without the support and loyalty of its people. But it seems like the franchise struggles on and off the field.

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Recently, the Cowboys fans were on the list of the Top 10 worst fan bases in sports. The list was made by Mike Freeman of USA Today. While Jerry Jones’ Cowboys do have some loyal fans, there still are people who easily turn their back on the team. It seems like a love/hate relationship.


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The Dallas Cowboys fans are No. 2 on the list

There were three NFL fan bases on the list of Mike Freeman. At number 10 were the Philadelphia Eagles fans. Number 3 belonged to the New England Patriots fans. And at number 2 were the Dallas Cowboys fans. Freeman wrote, “Cowboys fans in August: (Saying while in your face) “This is our year! Back in the Super Bowl!” He adds, “Cowboys fans in December after being eliminated from the playoffs: (Saying from across the room) “I’m gonna switch and become an Eagles fan.” 

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Well, it is not surprising to see Dallas ranked so high up on the list. Every season the Cowboys fans are making noise about it being their year. But it does not quite work out for them. The fans of “America’s Team” are passionate for sure. They support their team, but they are also quick to criticize them. And it is not always healthy criticism. 


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Cowboys fans throwing trash at their team


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The last season was once again supposed to be “Cowboys’ year.” But as we all know, things did not go as planned for them. In January, Dallas lost to the San Francisco 49ers in the wild card round. The game ended with a score of 23-17. But what happened next made more headlines.

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The fans started throwing trash on the field and towards their players. No matter how hard the team tried to defend their fans by saying they did not direct it to them, we know the sad truth. The Cowboys fans now have been straight-up listed as the worst NFL fan base on a list by USA Today. Do you agree with the list?

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