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J. J. Watt Helps Suggest an Alternative to Patrick Mahomes’ Fear From Collapsing With Knee Dislocation

Published 12/04/2022, 1:59 PM EST

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USA Today via Reuters

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Patrick Mahomes is one of the most talented quarterbacks in not only his generation but of all time. The 27-year-old has broken some unthinkable records at an uncanny age. However, the QB has also had his fair share of devastating injuries. And even though Mahomes is not one to walk away from fear, he definitely looks out for every precautionary measure.

The point of debate on this particular incident was the 1-yard quarterback rush offensive idea. And even though Patrick Mahomes isn’t completely against the tested and proven idea, he does have to look out for his knees.

It was a quarterback sneak that caused Mahomes’ knee-cap dislocation in the middle of the 2020 season. And Patrick Mahomes is still weary of the injury. However, J. J. Watt thinks it’s a no-brainer for any 1-yard situation.

Arizona Cardinals defensive end J. J. Watt was not happy to see TCU Horned Frogs ignore the most obvious quarterback sneak in their overtime loss to Kansas State in their NCAA matchup. “QB Sneak is the single most difficult play to stop for 1 yard or less.”

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“Especially when you add pushers from behind into the equation. Will never understand taking the ball 5+ yards away from the line of scrimmage to try and gain 1 yard. At any level,” Watt tweeted. Pat Mahomes shared his thought on that.

Patrick Mahomes may have to resort to QB sneaks after the Kelce Brothers made it relevant again

Got to watch your kneecaps tho,” the youngest Super Bowl MVP in NFL history retweeted. Patrick Mahomes dislocated his kneecap because of a QB sneak in 2020. But surprised the entire world when he returned only a few weeks after.

Mahomes took the Kansas City Chiefs to a Super Bowl championship that year. However, despite the injury worries, Kansas TE Travis Kelce’s brother Jason agrees wholeheartedly with J. J. Watt.

USA Today via Reuters

Jason and Travis Kelce discussed the traditional 1-yard play on their New Heights Podcast last month and since then, this tactic has regained its old popularity. Even Philadelphia Eagles Jalen Hurts agreed with the efficiency of the play call when he came on for the first guest episode. However, since the injury, Patrick Mahomes has resorted to pocket play and throwing the ball to his receivers and TEs.

Mahomes and Kelce have been dazzling the opposition defense this season with their catch-and-run passes. Tight end Travis Kelce leads every wide receiver in the league in touchdowns. And this is majorly indicative of Patrick Mahomes trying to avoid sneaking in and causing some major damage to his knees. Up next, Mahomes and Co. face Joe Burrow and the Cincinnati Bengals.

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