Patrick Mahomes Reveals the Name and Inspiration Behind ‘Trick Play’ Involving Travis Kelce

November 30, 2020 6:23 pm

It’s safe to say that Andy Reid’s Kansas City Chiefs were the dominant force against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers on Sunday evening. The obvious standout performers for the visiting team were quarterback Patrick Mahomes and wide receiver Tyreek Hil.

Both these players combined on multiple occasions in the first half as the Chiefs marched to a 17-point lead in the first half. The Buccaneers eventually fought back in the second half.

Tom Brady led his young team to within a winning distance of the Chiefs. However, the home team fell short by 3 points as they succumbed to their 2nd consecutive setback.

But the margin could’ve been slightly different had Mahomes and teammate Travis Kelce combined for a ‘sneaky’ touchdown.

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Patrick Mahomes and Travis Kelce almost pulled off a stunning touchdown play

Speaking after yesterday’s win, Super Bowl LIV MVP Patrick Mahomes revealed the interesting backstory behind their trick play in the first quarter, which almost resulted in an early touchdown.

“God man! Me and Travis made it up first off and we called it Black Pearl, bringing it to the Bucs and the Pirates of the Caribbean and everything like that. And I talked him into it. Coach Reid for sure told him if he can run it, run it first.

“But I just kind of talked to him on the side and was like, if I’m open, man, just throw it to me. So, I mean, the little hesitation that he had was just as I talked to him too much about it,” Mahomes said at the post-game presser.

These players share a great camaraderie between them and took to Twitter to express their dismay over the failed attempt.

Following the win, the Chiefs extended their winning run to 6 games. The defending champions will next go up against a hurting Denver Broncos outfit in Week 13.

Can Andy Reid’s boys make it to the Super Bowl once again and defend their title? Watch this space for more.

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