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Less Than 48 Hours After Super Bowl Win, Patrick Mahomes Lifts Lid on Extent of Ankle Injury With a Positive Message

Published 02/14/2023, 9:45 AM EST

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USA Today via Reuters

Patrick Mahomes and the Kansas City Chiefs offered millions of viewers a cinematic experience as they took on the Philadelphia Eagles in Super Bowl LVII. The stage was set for two teams who bested their contemporaries. In the first half, the Eagles proved why they were known for their fearsome offense. But Mahomes didn’t give in that easily.

While the battle was long-winded, the QB came back from a deficit to win 38-35. Winning by the skin of their teeth, the Chiefs basked in the glory of their hard-fought victory while the Eagles made their way home empty-handed. But the brightest star of the night, Patrick Mahomes, overcame adversity when the Chiefs needed him the most. So, what happened to him during the game?

Patrick Mahomes provides an injury update


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Before the teams headed to the locker room prior to the halftime mark, Patrick Mahomes gave Chiefs fans a reason to hold their heads in despair. Hobbling off the field and wincing in pain, the QB looked like he’d head into the locker room and remain there for the rest of the game.

Much to the Chiefs Nation’s relief, he was back on the field. Mustering every ounce of determination, Mahomes ensured that the Chiefs bounced back in the second half. Scrambling on his bad ankle, the QB put his team in field goal range. Patrick Mahomes orchestrated a second Super Bowl victory for the Chiefs in the last five years while limping through the pain. If fans thought that the QB was going to rest after an excruciating game, they assumed wrong. Not only did the team party hard, but the QB also headed to Disneyland with his family immediately after. And if that wasn’t enough, he appeared on ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live!’ the very same day.


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The Mahomes family had a very busy day in California shuttling from Disneyland to Jimmy Kimmel. Like everyone who watched the game, the host was concerned about Mahomes after witnessing his pained expressions during the game. In response to Kimmel’s question about his ankle, the QB said, “I’m ready to play a game today if we need to, it’s feeling alright.” Thankfully, Mahomes won’t have to play a game anytime soon. The QB’s appearance on the show immediately after the Super Bowl is quite surprising. Mahomes may be one of the first to make it to late-night TV soon after the big win.


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The Mahomes family relinquished sleep after the Super Bowl

The Kansas City Chiefs will take their time in letting this victory sink in. Head coach Andy Reid and Patrick Mahomes’ partnership has given the NFL world the closest resemblance to a dynasty at present. While Tom Brady and Bill Belichick’s reign came to an end, the Chiefs seem more than competent to take up the mantle in establishing themselves as the best.


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The boys in red got what they’ve been aiming for all season. As the post-season football drought sets in, the rest of the league will go back to their drawing boards to reevaluate their standing. While the Eagles came tantalizingly close to making it, they were deprived of the ultimate prize. For now, Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs sit on top of the world, soaking in the glory of their conquest.

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