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“Making them look bad” – NFL Expert Shuts Down Lamar Jackson Doubters

“Making them look bad” – NFL Expert Shuts Down Lamar Jackson Doubters

Lamar Jackson had a tremendous season in 2019 which ended with him being crowned as the unanimous NFL MVP. The Baltimore Ravens quarterback began his first season as a starter in 2019. Over the course of the season, Lamar Jackson broke numerous records while leading the Ravens to the playoffs. The 2016 Heisman Trophy winner became the first quarterback in NFL history to throw for 3,000+ yards and rush for 1,000 more in the same season.

At the back of such a strong display, Jackson was bestowed with the NFL MVP award by a unanimous vote. In doing so, he became just the second player to win the NFL MVP trophy in that manner after Tom Brady did so back in 2012. However, despite his strong showing in the league, there are still a few critics out there who question whether Lamar can repeat those performances this season.

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Analyst Mike Greenberg slams Lamar Jackson doubters ahead of 2020 season

The former Lousiville man was recently adjudged as the top-ranked player in the league. He came in at number one on the NFL Top 100 list. But there are still some who remain unconvinced by his potential.

ESPN’s Mike Greenberg spoke about how the people doubting Lamar Jackson are seriously misguided. He argued that Lamar outplayed veteran NFL stars – Tom Brady, Russell Wilson – over various periods in the season last year. At one point, Jackson boasted superior stats as compared to eventual Super Bowl MVP winner Patrick Mahomes.

Critics argue that Lamar’s dismal display in the playoffs is a reason that he can’t be considered as one of the top QBs in the league at the moment. But despite that small blip on his already impressive CV, it must be noted that Jackson is still 23. He has tons of time to minimize the few flaws in his style of play. Just like wine, Lamar is bound to get better with time. So Ravens fans can sit back and watch their star player take the field once again, with one thing on his mind – a Lombardi.

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