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Million Dollar Arrest Warrant Out for NFL Superfan

Published 06/03/2023, 8:49 AM EDT

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Extraordinary things happen in the NFL, and a recent event has left everyone stunned. The Kansas City Chiefs, after winning two Super Bowls and with the supremacy of their quarterback Patrick Mahomes, have attracted a growing number of fans. However, there is one fan who stands apart from the rest.

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This particular fan’s story is unlike any other, showcasing an unparalleled level of obsession and passion for an NFL team. As fate would have it, this fan has now found himself thrust into the limelight as his arrest becomes entwined with a million-dollar bounty. The fan’s notoriety has even caught the attention of former Indianapolis Colts player Pat McAfee, who discussed the fan and his newfound status as the ‘most wanted person’ on his show.

Pat McAfee and his co-hosts shocked!


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During a recent episode of his show, Pat McAfee, along with his co-hosts, including former Pittsburgh Steelers linebacker A.J. Hawk, delved into the case of Xavier Michael Babudar, a notorious Kansas City Chiefs superfan who is currently the subject of an arrest warrant due to his alleged involvement in criminal activities. McAfee even went so far as to refer to Babudar as the next “Dog the Bounty Hunter,” drawing attention to the fan’s escalating notoriety. He also said, “This man will stop at nothing to see his Chiefs play football from the front row in a wolf costume.” Babudar, also known as “Chiefsaholic,” is a 28-year-old individual wanted for a bank robbery that took place at the ‘Teacher’s Credit Union‘ near Tulsa, Oklahoma, in December of the previous year.

However, after paying the bond he is now on a run. Babudar gained a significant amount of attention in recent years through his active presence on social media and his conspicuous appearances at every Chiefs game. Often donning a wolf outfit, he proudly claimed to have driven across the country to attend each game, further fueling his reputation as a die-hard fan. During the McAfee episode, the hosts also stumbled upon a startling statistic: ‘an average of 4,000 bank robberies occur each year in the United States’. This revelation added another layer of shock and intrigue to Babudar’s case, highlighting the broader issue of criminal activities taking place within society.


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The case of Babudar the “Wolf”

After the bank robbery in Okhlama, Babudar pleaded not guilty to the charges and was temporarily released from jail in early February after his $80,000 bond was paid. However, his legal troubles continued when he was accused of removing his electronic ankle monitoring device in March this year. Compounding his issues, Babudar failed to appear in court for a scheduled hearing in Oklahoma, resulting in the issuance of the current arrest warrant with a staggering $1 million bond.


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Earlier this year, in May, when many NFL teams were releasing their schedules, the Los Angeles Chargers also unveiled an anime-styled video that included playful references to Babudar. To announce their two upcoming games against the Kansas City Chiefs on October 22, 2023, and January 7, 2024, the Chargers depicted a cartoon of the wolf (Babudar) wearing a ‘ChiefsAHolic‘ hat. In the video, his character appeared in two different segments. For the Week 7 game, he was portrayed cutting off an ankle monitor, while for the Week 18 game, he was shown driving a vehicle, accompanied by a helicopter featuring Pat McAfee (referring to the Pat McAfee show).

“They’re Setting Him Up”: Travis Kelce’s Brother Jason Invites Alleged Bank Robber to New Heights Podcast Freaking Out NFL Fans


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Regardless of the outcome of the NFL season, one thing remains certain: the presence of passionate and dedicated fans. Now, it remains to be seen when this eccentric fan, ‘Babudar,’ will be apprehended.

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