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Multiple Teams Refuse to Approach Recently Released DeAndre Hopkins Over Massive Confusion

Published 05/29/2023, 4:00 PM EDT

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The NFL player contracts have been a constant topic of discussion, and so has the representation. With more and more players snubbing player agents and taking the reins of their destiny into their own hands, the franchises are getting concerned about discussing and negotiating contracts. Whether it’s Lamar Jackson or DeAndre Hopkins, players want to have the power, but is that actually feasible?

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The player agents don’t usually get paid at a flat rate for their services, but rather take a cut out of contracts and endorsements negotiated. The rate usually varies from 1.5% and 3.33%. However, in the past decade, players have found a better alternative, and DeAndre Hopkins might just have to pay the price for that.

Teams are concerned with DeAndre Hopkins


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Arizona Cardinals and their wide receiver DeAndre Hopkins have officially parted ways. The most sensible reason the Cardinals let go of Hopkins would be the immense contract he carries. Back in 2020, Hopkins negotiated a $54.5 million contract with over $42.75 million in guarantees. At the time, the contract made Hopkins the highest-paid non-QB in the entire NFL.

However, over the years, the cap space continued exacting a toll on the Cardinals. Going into the 2023 season, the Cardinals were facing $30.75 million in cap hit. Additionally, Hopkins’ contract came with a no-trade clause, thus the only logical thing to do was release him.


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With Hopkins out of Arizona, the renowned WR will need to secure himself a tenure with some other NFL franchise, but the challenges are not yet over with. As per reports, most NFL teams are skeptical of engaging with DeAndre Hopkins and the reason has everything to do with his representation.

Like a few other stars in the game, DeAndre Hopkins represents himself. While the idea of Hopkins representing himself doesn’t violate any rules, the problem lies with the line of communication. Teams are afraid that email communication with Hopkins would lead them to a non-certified agent who is pretending to be Hopkins.

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Similar instances have happened in the past as one team received an email from a player while he was on the practice field. The teams preferably want to speak to Hopkins and only Hopkins, and that interaction could be assumed to be held face-to-face.


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Pioneers in the space

Just a decade back, NFL players were not willing to take the risk of managing their own contracts, endorsements, and even marketing aspects. But names such as Edgerrin James and Daunte Culpepper opened the athletes to a whole realm of possibilities.

The final three years of Culpepper’s career were a tale to be shared, as the then 30-year-old decided to walk away from the game than settle for what he felt was unfair compensation. Culpepper and his decision left a long-lasting impact on the NFL, as since then players such as Lamar Jackson, Bobby Wagner, Richard Sherman, and DeAndre Hopkins have taken a similar approach.


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However, all of these players had to go through intense grilling sessions before securing themselves a worthy contract, and looks like Hopkins has found himself in that boat all over again.

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