NBA Prodigy Anthony Edwards Reveals Bizarre Way he Paid Respect to John Madden

Published 01/02/2022, 2:52 PM EST

The NFL world dropped on its knees to pray for the lost soul of John Madden earlier this week. John Madden has created an unparalleled legacy of his NFL career as a coach and a broadcaster. Madden has served the NFL community in every which way possible. And now that he is gone, athletes from different sports recognized and appreciated his legacy.

John Madden’s legacy in the NFL has been made immortal with the help of the video game named ‘Madden’. The EA Sports Madden series is a medium through which the NFL icon remains alive even among the younger generation of football fanatics. One such Madden fan is the Minnesota Timberwolves prodigy, Anthony Edwards.


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Edwards claims that he is the best Madden player in the NBA. His love and respect for John Madden are derived from the same medium. During an interview with the young NBA prodigy, the 20-year-old was asked about his reaction to Madden’s death and how he paid respect to him.

Anthony Edwards paid a unique tribute to John Madden

As much as he loves to play Madden, the youngster revealed that he paid his respects through the game itself. “It was sickening, man,” Ant said. “I was playing Madden when I heard the news. So I had to beat somebody by 30, 40 points to show my respect.” 

It was funny to hear him do that. But in a way, he remembered the NFL legend and paid his soul his last respects. Anthony, later on, added that he wouldn’t want his Minnesota Timberwolves teammates to join him for the Madden 3-on-3 game/tournament.

He said that he would rather have YouTubers ‘BlackReign4’ and ‘Throne’ on his team. “They’d be on my team, and we won’t lose,” the player boosted.

His insatiable love for the game ‘Madden’ is a respect to the legend in itself. But it’ll be an even bigger tribute to John Madden if Edwards wins the whole Madden 3-on-3 tournament in the name of the legend.

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