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Leonardo DiCaprio Finds 20th Date Partner, Days After ‘Scorned’ Exes Party With Tom Brady and 18 Years After Breaking Gisele Bündchen’s Heart

Published 06/04/2023, 8:45 AM EDT

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Life has many unexpected turns. And one of the most unexpected moments of the past few days has been seeing Gisele Bundchen’s exes Leonardo DiCaprio and Tom Brady riding the same boat, literally. The internet was sent into a frenzy when exclusive photos of them hanging out 20 feet apart made headlines. And there seems to be no awkwardness between the ‘scorned’ exes, as they were hanging around on the boat having fun with their friends on the ride.

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And just like Tom Brady, Leonardo DiCaprio seems to be moving on in life as well. He was known for dating Brady’s ex-wife, Gisele Bundchen, before him. Apart from this, the Hollywood heartthrob has been linked with many women in the past. Now, it seems that the ‘Titanic’ star might have found his latest ‘Rose’, as we caught a glimpse of a night out with his 20th date partner. 

Leonardo DiCaprio and his latest fling?


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The city of London got to witness an exclusive sighting on Tuesday night. The 48-year-old actor was seen on an outing with his family, including his mother and stepdad David Ward. But that is not why the outing is making headlines. We also got to see Neelam Gill, an Indian-origin model, accompanying Leonardo DiCaprio and his family for the night out.

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According to an article by the New York Post, the ‘Wolf of Wall Street’ actor was seen wearing a black jacket and blue jeans while hiding his face with a black cap and face mask. Even his rumored date for the night was flaunting a black blazer over a black dress. In fact, the whole family dressed in black, apart from his stepfather, who went for a more casual look with greyish apparel. Could Neelam Gill be Caprio’s latest romantic partner? Is the 28-year-old model meeting Caprio’s family for a more intimate relationship with them?


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While there is no concrete evidence that the couple is dating, Gill’s rep stated that the duo are not in a romantic relationship. In fact, the 28-year-old model is actually dating one of Caprio’s close friends for months now. This sighting comes days after Leonardo DiCaprio and Tom Brady were seen hanging out on the same boat for an auspicious event.

The Bundchen exes reunion 

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Just a few days prior to this, DiCaprio and Tom Brady both made headlines when they were seen together to celebrate the birthday of their mutual friend, Bert Hedaya. They were also seen being clicked together in photos, as they enjoy the birthday bash of their friend in Italy. And it does not seem like Brady and Caprio have any beef between them. Before Brady married Bundchen, the Hollywood actor was dating her for almost five years before breaking up in 2005. And today, their breakup with the Brazilian supermodel seems to be a bonding factor for the duo. 


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While all three personalities are single at the moment, it will definitely lead to interesting romantic rumors in the coming days ahead. Do you think Leonardo DiCaprio and Neelam Gill are dating? Let us know in the comments below.

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