Tom Brady Flexes Super Bowl Win Against Atlanta Falcons in Front of Lewis Hamilton in Discussion Between 7 Time Champions

Published 05/07/2022, 4:43 AM EDT
Formula One F1 – Tom Brady and Lewis Hamilton host an event in Miami – Miami Beach Golf Club, Miami, Florida, U.S., – May 4, 2022 Tom Brady and Lewis Hamilton talk as they play golf at Miami Beach Golf Club ahead of the Miami grand prix REUTERS/Marco Bello

Tom Brady is one of the most famous and decorated athletes in the world. He has been the face of the NFL for over two decades. People who aren’t into football or sports in general are somewhat aware of his accolades and antics, on and off the pitch.

Given his popularity and stature in the public, Brady has become a global superstar. Another athlete who is quite the global superstar is Lewis Hamilton. Arguably the greatest F1 driver of all time, Lewis is also a well-respected entity in the sports world.


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GOATs Unite for a Cause; Tom Brady and Lewis Hamilton Test Their Drives Over Golf Ahead of Miami Grand Prix

21 days ago

Lewis Hamilton has been in Miami for the Miami Grand Prix. This gave him the opportunity to catch up with Tom Brady. The duo was seen playing golf together, and the media was quick to ask some questions from both of them. As expected, Brady recalled one of the greatest games of his career, which cemented him as the ‘GOAT.’

Tom Brady reflects on his experience of going behind in tough games

Tom Brady talked about the mentality that he has kept throughout his career in tough situations. He said, “You have to come to grips with the fact that it’s still better to play and lose than to not play at all.”

Brady reflected on the game against the Falcons in 2016 and said, “I think of a Super Bowl in 2016 against Atlanta. We were down 25 points. You can’t score 25 points in one touchdown, you have to just chip away and you got to get yourself in striking distance. And that just comes with a lot of, you know, great plays and great confidence in what you’re doing,” 

Tom certainly believes if you have a never quit policy, then you’ll eventually be successful in your life. He added, “But, you know, we don’t always win. And that’s just part of sports.” Brady certainly means that even though you are down at some point in your life, you are bound to get up and succeed.

Lewis Hamilton excited for the Miami Grand Prix

As stated earlier, Lewis Hamilton was present in Miami ahead of the first ever Miami Grand Prix. The Mercedes driver was once again excited to race in the USA.


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Lewis said, “At one stage we didn’t have a Grand Prix here, then we only had one Grand Prix. Now we’re expanding. I think this is going to be like our Super Bowl. I am so happy to be in Miami. This is the sport’s first time here and the anticipation of this event has just sky rocketed,”


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Even though Lewis is unlikely to be in the mix for the Championship this season, people will come to see the British driver race on Sunday in Miami.

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