NFL Analyst Believes Jordan Love’s Form is Key to Aaron Rodgers Leaving Green Bay Packers

May 2, 2020 5:56 am

Brett Favre expressed “surprise” at Jordan Love being drafted despite Green Bay Packers having Aaron Rodgers. However, some look at the move as one signaling a change in playing style. Whilst others see it as an easing in for Love and easing out of Rodgers. Colin Cowherd believes the 36-year-old should look at Love as an asset as it can be his ticket to a big city team and allow him to leave Wisconsin. 

“Aaron Rodgers should mentor Jordan Love”- Colin Cowherd

“If Aaron Rodgers and we know he’s been frustrated before by people in the organization. In two years, if Aaron Rodgers is done and can get out. You know what would have to happen to the Packers to be willing to do it?”

As per Cowherd, The Packers would be much more willing to let Rodgers leave if Jordan Love lives up the faith placed in him. This is because he would be a cheaper option and permit The Packers to sign a free agent to bolster their team at the time. 

“Jordan Love’s good. Aaron Rodgers should embrace Jordan Love, mentor Jordan Love. Teach him the little secrets of playing quarterback. Don’t see Jordan Love as a liability, see him as an ally. If Jordan Love can be mentored, supported by Aaron Rodgers. He can go leave Wisconsin.”

3 teams Rodgers can move to from Green Bay Packers

He also named three possible teams Aaron Rodgers could move to based on their current state and future projections. He cites Tom Brady’s move to Tampa as an example of anything being possible. 

“Let’s say, Justin Herbert doesn’t move the deal for The Chargers. They play him but it doesn’t work. It’s L.A. they’re are not selling tickets. Rams are selling out they’re not selling tickets. Aaron Rodgers has a house in Malibu. He’ll be 38 in 2 yrs.” 

He also cites last year’s NFL runner’s up San Francisco 49ers as quarterback Jimmy Garappolo had a major injury in 2018 and the team blew a 10 point lead in the final 7 minutes of Super Bowl LIV. 

He cites the New Orleans Saints as another example. 

“Drew Brees plays this year. Then they either look at Jameis Winston or Taysom Hill. Sean Peyton’s like that’s not working for me.”

Winston is coming off a league-leading season in passing yards. However, he was released as he threw 30 interceptions too. Anything will be on downgrade on Brees. However, Rodgers will bring in nearly two decades of experience and will be 3 years younger than Brees’ current age. 

What is your take on the situation? Will Aaron Rodgers retire at Green Bay? Or do you see him closing out his NFL career closer to home?

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