NFL Titan Aaron Rodgers Is a Binge Fan of This 1999 Academy Award Winner Featuring Keanu Reeves

Published 11/28/2022, 5:15 AM EST

NFL superstar Aaron Rodgers is a man with multiple interests. Despite Sunday’s humiliating 40-33 loss against the Eagles and injury setbacks, the superstar is optimistic about a turnaround. Notably, the top star never let his life solely revolve around the game. That made him an individual with various hobbies, including cinema.

The 38 YO also embraces the habit of reading non-fiction. In addition, A-Rod is a binge follower of popular Hollywood films. In the Halloween event, the iconic star once appeared in the looks of Keanu Reeves’ hitman character, ‘John Wick’.


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Interestingly, the 1999 Oscar winner The Matrix is one of the most cherished films the Packers’ #12 QB has ever watched. Starring an enigmatic Keanu Reeves, the path-breaking film is a mixture of a dystopian future and cyberpunk. In a 2020 tweet, the legend denoted his list of personal favorites. And indeed, the Matrix found an honorable mention in it.

Will Aaron Rodgers agree to a biopic?

Biopics on top athletes are a regular feature in Hollywood. Movies themed with the NFL are not rare either. One of the most famous films on this list is the 2006 movie, ‘Invincible’, directed by Ericson Core. Another 2005 biographical drama, ‘The Concussion’, dealt with how the league has tackled concussions. The film is of key relevance after the Tua Tagovailoa incident.  

Nov 27, 2022; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA; Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers (12) avoids the tackle attempt of Philadelphia Eagles defensive tackle Javon Hargrave (97) during the first quarter at Lincoln Financial Field. Mandatory Credit: Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports.

Meanwhile, a biopic on the Packers titan is not on the cards. This is because Rodgers had never publicly endorsed the demand for a motion picture in his name. Similarly, NFL legend Tom Brady also did not push the idea to make a biopic. However, there are countless documentaries about Tom Terrific and A-Rod. So, it is unclear if A-Rod will say yes to a biopic in the future. 


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Tom Brady lists down his favorite films

The future HOF-er once revealed his favorite film in an interview with WEEI. ‘Remember the titans’, a sports drama film released in 2000, and the 1993 sports drama on college football, ‘Rudy’ find a mention for the Buccaneers legend.


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Cinema is a powerful medium. Many athletes consume it to relieve themselves from stress. NFL has two legends with remarkable affection for the greatest art form invented by humans. 

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