USA Today via Reuters

USA Today via Reuters

The New York Giants traveled to the home of the Minnesota Vikings for their playoffs wildcard clash on Sunday. And the fans got a cracker of the game. But it was also overshadowed by some controversial calls by the officials. And the fans are especially livid about the roughing the passer call that overshadowed the brilliance of the Giants QB Daniel Jones.

Jones led his team to a place in the divisional round of the playoffs with a brilliant win over the Vikings. But that could have all changed if Kirk Cousins had capitalized on the controversial call late in the fourth quarter.

The NFL world is livid with the call by the officials 


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Many fans expressed their frustration with the ‘roughing the passer call’ against the Giants defensive tackle Dexter Lawerance. And on the forefront is free agent quarterback Robert Griffin III. Griffin termed the call the worst in the year. He vented his frustration through a tweet.

This fan goes a step further and called it the worst call in NFL history.

Another fan thought the call came at the worst time.

This fan is in full agreement of the assessment made by RG3.

Another fan shared their view on how the NFL wants the defenses to play.

A fan is just glad the call didn’t change the result.

This fan accused the NFL of trying to script the game.

The call came when the Giants led the game 31-24. It was late in the fourth quarter with just 2:33 minutes left on the clock. The Vikings had the ball on a second and four deep in their own territory. Lawerance swarmed QB Kirk Cousins, making him throw an incomplete pass. But instead of calling it a third down, the officials gave the Vikings a first down and a gain of yardage.

This didn’t matter in the end as the Vikings failed to find the endzone due to a Cousins error. And thus, the brilliance of the Giants QB Daniel Jones proved enough to take the team through.

The fantastic Daniel Jones


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QB Daniel Jones took the Giants fans on a ride they will never forget. He led a strong start to the game, which resulted in two touchdowns in the first quarter itself. And then the Giants never really looked in trouble. They pulled off a stunning playoff upset on the NFC North champions.

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Jones led the way with a 301-yard game in 24 completions. He scored two passing touchdowns without turning the ball over. The other star was running back Saquon Barkley, who scored two touchdowns on the ground.


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 With the Vikings out of the picture, can the Giants make a Super Bowl run? Will sure make Eli Manning proud.

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