NFL World Reacts to PFT Saying Colin Kaepernick Could Land in Miami

Published 05/26/2022, 3:50 PM EDT

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Former NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick has been a trending subject within NFL circles in recent months following his desire to return to play. The former Super Bowl finalist has been a controversial and divisive figure for several NFL franchises. But now, an NFL franchise has given him a proper workout.

Which probably led to NFL’s longtime journalist Mike Florio’s Pro Football Talk dishing out some hot takes.


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Recently on Twitter, PFT release an opinion stating, “Colin Kaepernick, with time to knock off the rust and prepare, would be better than any option the Seahawks, Panthers, and Texans currently have. He’d be better than any QB (sorry TuAnon) that the Dolphins currently have. He’d possibly win the job in Atlanta, too.

While they have been keeping a close eye on the developing Colin Kaepernick situation, the outlet seems to have upset a section of their followers. Among the points of contention was the mention of Miami Dolphins‘ QB Tua Tagovaiola and how Kaepernick could be a replacement. The franchise has been looking to extract the best from Tagovaiola in recent seasons but has not been able to tap into his potential.

NFL Twitter reacts to Colin Kaepernick being a potential signing for the Dolphins

While there remain doubts regarding Tagovailoa’s talents, there seems to be a hesitancy among Dolphins fans. He entered the league with a lot of hype following his amazing time Alabama Crimson Tide football team in college. But since feeling the pressure to perform, under new head coach Mike McDaniel the hopes of getting him back to his best have increased.


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However, Kaepernick being a free agent and willing to be a backup QB could be alluring to any NFL franchise. Recently PFT’s take on Twitter about Kaepernick’s next destination seems to have irked a section of NFL fans and members of media channels.

Kap’s issue has always polarized fans. And this take also divided fans as shown by this Twitter user:

Another Twitter user points out how relying on an aging QB like Kaepernick doesn’t make sense.

And twitter does not forget. As Mike Florio seemingly found out:

Finally, a Twitter user believes that Kaepernick’s footballing ability on the decline.


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While the opportunity is arriving soon for Kaepernick to play again in the league, replacing Tagovaiola could be a long shot. There is growing optimism for both QBs at the respective point of their careers. The 2022 NFL campaign promises and excites all fans.


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What do you think about Kap landing in Miami?

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