NFL Writer Gives Details About ‘Incredible’ Endzone Camera Used for Seahawks-Washington Game

December 22, 2020 11:34 pm

NFL fans tuning into FOX Sports for the game between the Seattle Seahawks and the Washington Football Team were in for a treat. The footage used by the camera crew at the end zone had fans in awe.

It was gameday footage unlike ever before. It was so much more dynamic and crisp. Fans and analysts alike took to Twitter to voice their admiration about the new style incorporated by FOX for the game.

With the world craving for more of the same, Peter Schrager, senior writer for FOX Sports during a segment of the NFL’s GMFB, explained and answered a lot about the ground-breaking footage.

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Camera tinkered with before

Schrager managed to get hold of the people responsible for the footage and talked about the equipment used by the camera crew.

“Did you guys watch the Washington and Seattle game this week? It just looked different. It looked like a movie from the future and the video itself was a different quality. So what was this incredible work ? Well, I got the answers,” said Schrager.

“All right, so the Producer of this game is a guy named Fred Morrison, and the Director is Brian Lilly. When you get into it. Each Producer and Director has a crew, and the crew is the camera guys and the audio guys.

“So, the Technical Director is a gentleman named Jarrod Ligrani, and Jared has been working with a camera that is called a Sony a7R IV with a Canon lens, all season long.

“They’ve done arrivals, the guys walking through the tunnels, getting off the buses. But Jared had yet to use it on actual game footage.

“This week, Jared gave that camera to his two shooters to use for actual game footage. It’s the first time it’s ever been used,” he added.

Crazy good but not crazy expensive

While the equipment used for covering NFL games is ridiculously expensive, Schrager pointed out that the Sony a7R IV used for the game wouldn’t burn as deep a hole in one’s pocket as expected.

“I’ll tell you this, it’s not a crazy $20,000-30,000 expense that you see from these cameras. It’s actually affordable, relatively speaking, if that’s the result,” Schrager said.

Schrager also said that he has confirmed as to when the equipment will be used again for an NFL game. Thankfully for fans, it’s not that far away.

“Fred Morrison’s crew will be doing the Eagles and Cowboys this weekend, and I can confirm that the camera will be used then,” he said.

So if you’re a fan of some good-old cinematic touchdown celebrations, don’t forget to to tune in for the Philadelphia Eagles vs Dallas Cowboys game.

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