“No, He Can’t Do What Jordan Did”: Even Aaron Rodgers’ Best Friend From Media, Pat McAfee Can’t Believe What Davante Adams Proclaimed Magnificently

Published 08/26/2022, 8:15 AM EDT
NEW YORK, NY – APRIL 06: Pat McAfee attends SiriusXM’s “Busted Open” celebrating 10th Anniversary In New York City on the eve of WrestleMania 35 on April 6, 2019 in New York City. (Photo by Slaven Vlasic/Getty Images for SiriusXM)

Five times Pro Bowler Davante Adams started a new journey with the Las Vegas Raiders this offseason. It seems the veteran has been drooling over the experiences he had with his former quarterback Aaron Rodgers. Everyone is aware of the fact that Rodgers happens to be a special player. Although his Super Bowl titles don’t justify them, what he has achieved so far is magnificent. Something hard to imagine for an average quarterback in the league.

Recently, Adams drew a strange comparison between Aaron Rodgers and NBA legend Michael Jordan that raised several eyebrows. Even the quarterback’s long-time buddy Pat McAfee couldn’t believe his ears.


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On the recent episode of the Pat McAfee show, the former Indianapolis punt decided to talk about the Packers and the ongoing situation surrounding Rodgers’ squad. That’s when the recent claims by Davante Adams came forward.

The former Packers wideout appeared in the Pivot, where he touched on various topics, including his experience playing alongside one of the greatest quarterbacks in league history.

While talking about his transition playing under Rodgers and now Derek Carr, he affirmed the former played a pioneering role in his career. He molded him into what he is today, and the wideout believes the signal-caller has a Michael Jordan kind of impact each time he took on the field.

However, McAfee believes that Rodgers can’t be compared with the NBA legend. “He’s not Jordan. He’s not Jordan. No, he can’t do what Jordan did. He might be Jared Goff. That’s what Bad dog rooster says on the show,” he said.


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Meanwhile, McAfee affirmed that Adams’ kind words for the quarterback might be because of the strong bond he fostered over the years. He also claimed that all the success Adams enjoyed was not just because of Rodgers but also his ability to outplay any defense in the league.

Pat McAfee responds to Sammy Watkins’ praise for Aaron Rodgers

After playing for 17 seasons in the NFL, Aaron Rodgers has set a benchmark for himself. Anyone who comes to play with him enjoys the mentorship he provides and the confidence of playing under one of the best quarterbacks.


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This offseason, while Adams got released from the roster, other players like Sammy Watkins found a way in. The 29-year-old is thrilled about his first season at Green Bay and praised the quarterback over his former teammate Patrick Mahomes.

“I think Pat is unbelievably good, but A-Rod is on a whole different level,” Watkins said in an interview. Well, this statement raged the Kansas City fans to call him out and make fierce reactions.


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However, Pat McAfee believes that to some extent, Watkins’ comment is the truth. Mahomes is a young gunslinger and has a long way ahead. But in the case of Rodgers, he is already an established player. In the coming ten years, if Mahomes can continue with the streak, McAfee believes the day won’t be long before he calls the Chiefs quarterback one of the best to play the sport.

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