“Peyton is Still as Clutch as Ever”: Tom Brady Reveals His Learnings from Golfing With Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson

May 28, 2020 12:44 am

Recently, Tampa Bay Buccaneers newcomer Tom Brady entered a charity golf tournament. Aside from the quarterback, long-time rival Peyton Manning and golf legends Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson took part as well. Suffice to say, Brady had a whale of a time and engaged in plenty on banter on the course.

He managed to hold his own against the two professionals, albeit briefly. In the end though, this tournament was purely for charity and a chance for everyone to unwind and have fun. Clearly, Tom Brady had plenty of it while hitting golf balls.

What did Tom Brady say after the tournament?

He wrote on Instagram, that he learned a lot from the golf tournament. Especially from the likes of Mickelson, Tiger Woods and even Peyton Manning. Brady also have plenty of opportunities to troll his former rival on the golf course to throw off his game. All in all, there was a hugely friendly and amiable atmosphere.

He admitted that he was amazed at how people do everything in their power to come together for a common goal. He also observed that “Peyton is still as clutch as ever.”

Tom Brady also realized how much he detested inclement weather, especially when it rains almost all day. Other observations included his fashion sense and how much he loved turning back the clock to his younger days. He even noted that he is beginning to cultivate a fondness for golf and its perks, though he would never trade it for American football.

Finally, he praised Mickelson and Woods for their golfing prowess and their personable natures. Tom Brady also believes that Phil Mickelson has the best calves on the PGA Tour. He was also thankful that Tiger Woods missed a putt on the 7th hole, or he would have won instead of Brady.

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