“This Actually Makes Me Like Aaron Rodgers”: NFL World Going Nuts Over Wholesome Interaction Between Josh Allen and Packers QB

Published 02/08/2023, 2:30 PM EST

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The NFL has been a hotbed of drama and controversies in recent times. However, a recent interaction between Buffalo Bills QB, Josh Allen, and Green Bay Packers QB, Aaron Rodgers, has put a smile on the faces of fans. It has sparked a much-needed positive conversation in the world of the NFL.


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Allen and Rodgers are massive golf fans. On the recent Pebble Beach Pro-Am, the two shared a heartwarming moment. As Rodgers approached Allen, Rodgers wasn’t satisfied with Allen’s attempt to shake hands. Instead, Rodgers had something much heartier in mind. As he approached Allen, Rodgers went in for a wide and cozy hug, taking everyone, including Allen, by surprise. 

Fans can’t stop talking about Aaron Rodgers and Josh Allen’s friendship

The exchange between the two was captured by cameras and quickly went viral on social media. Fans and players alike were quick to fall head over heels for Rodgers’ friendly gesture. 

As this fan noted. 

But one thing was sure, fans all over could NOT get enough of Josh Allen. 

Some fans, though, had to throw in a few trade theories for Rodgers now and then.

The NFL community couldn’t contain their excitement after the wholesome interaction. Because even though the two may be rivals on the field, it’s all love off the field. 

Rodgers holds nothing back after a victory

Aaron Rodgers may have shared a heartfelt moment with Allen outside the game, but he was not holding back when it came to the game. Rodgers, along with partner Ben Silverman, cake-walked the tournament.

And he definitely didn’t hold back his jibes after winning.

USA Today via Reuters

“Josh Allen was telling me there’s going to be an asterisk by this win because there was only three rounds,Rodgers told ESPN after winning the title. “But I think our names are going to be up there for a long time.” 


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The Elephant in the room for Green Bay

All eyes will now shift to the Super Bowl, although many Packers fans will have slightly larger issues to deal with. The looming question of Aaron Rodgers’ future. Most Packers fans dread even the thought of the question, as a significant part of the franchise’s future depends on his decision. 

USA Today via Reuters

For Aaron Rodgers, he knows this predicament all too well, having been in it every other year as of late. But who can tell, what his answer will be this time?


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