“Proactive Measures”: Tom Brady’s Rumored Girlfriend Takes a Step Forward, to Save 46YO Legend From Veronika Rajek’s Radar

Published 08/15/2023, 6:25 AM EDT

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The details of Tom Brady‘s love life remain a puzzle. After his divorce from the Brazilian supermodel, Gisele Bündchen, there was no shortage of rumors then and there’s no shortage now. Nonetheless, the NFL GOAT found himself in the limelight in the past few weeks, due to a public display of affection with a Russian supermodel, Irina Shayk, whom he stumbled upon at a mutual friend’s wedding party.

Those PDA photos sparked intense rumors and speculations, leading to close insider revelations, which only added an air of secrecy. However, recent findings suggest that the relationship might flourish, due to drastic measures taken by Shayk. This development aligns with Brady receiving support from long-time admirer, Veronika Rajek.

Shayk’s drastic measures!


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TB12’s recent endeavors are no secret, with him recently buying a minority stake in UK’s Birmingham City FC, and kicking off the journey with a victory against Leeds with a jaw-dropping goal. Brady, who was present at the game, shared a heartfelt note on his Instagram page, with a set of pictures, which even got the attention of the Slovakian model, Rajek. Much like several previous instances, she liked the photo, showing support for the NFL star. Exactly at the same time, several intricate details about Shayk’s drastic measures were made known, which is to ensure that her union with Brady doesn’t get jeopardized.

USA Today via Reuters

According to an article by Marca, the Russian Supermodel has already started to cut ties with her close acquaintances, so that there is little to no leak of information. A source close the situation commented, “Fearing the emergence of unfounded speculations that might cast a shadow over the relationship, she’s taking proactive measures to safeguard its progression.” The informant also mentioned that Brady holds a special place in Shayk’s aspirations and that he’s the ideal American gentleman she wants to be with in the future.


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Even though no public statements have been made by the involved parties, recent photos of Brady and Shayk have set off a wave of rumors.


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Tom Brady’s get-together with his Russian flame!

The buzz about Brady and the supermodel’s connection began in June when they both showed up at a friend’s wedding. There were instantly reports of Shayk throwing herself at the NFL star, which made serious headlines. It even led to a statement from her representative, who refuted these claims.

A month later, the rumors flared up again as Brady and the model were seen together at his LA home, spending the night. The next morning, they left in a car, with Brady affectionately caressing her face, and photos of this moment made their way online. Since then, lots of rumors have surfaced, including comments from the model’s ex-husband Bradley Cooper, who seemed bothered by the relationship.


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Right now, there’s no official word from the people involved, leaving these events largely unconfirmed. It’s definitely going to be interesting to see where this journey goes in the near future.

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