“Progress has Been Minimal” – Latest Update on George Kittle Contract Situation

August 12, 2020 3:17 am

George Kittle was one of the standout performers for San Francisco 49ers over the last two years. The impressive tight end was in the thick of it back in 2018 when he had a record-breaking season.

Kittle holds the single-season record for receiving yards by a tight end (1,377 yards).

Despite his dominance, Kittle could not prevent a loss in last year’s Super Bowl. The 49ers fell short when it mattered as Patrick Mahomes’ Kansas City Chiefs clinched the Lombardi Trophy after a 50-year-long trophyless run.

The explosive tight end signed a four-year $2.69 million contract with a signing bonus of $298,287.

Due to his progress over the last two years, Kittle is considered as ‘criminally underpaid’. Contract negotiations are on between Kittle and the 49ers management over a new contract.

Multiple reports initially stated that the San Francisco-based franchise was planning on making Kittle the ‘highest-paid’ tight end in NFL history. However, contract talks have slowed down in recent weeks.

NFL expert Michael Silver responds to Kittle’s agent Jack Bechta’s comments on the issue.

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George Kittle hits a roadblock with contract negotiations

“[Bechta] said progress has been minimal and later reinforced that by texting me an inchworm emoji to underscore that fact. It’s not just money — there is structure, and how much money a player like George Kittle could get upfront (and) how much would actually be guaranteed.

“And at the heart of all this has been somewhat of a philosophical divide between the 49ers, who say, ‘Listen, we want to pay you more than any tight end ever because you’re the greatest tight end,’ and Kittle’s camp which saying, ‘Don’t view me as a tight end. I was just voted the seventh-best player in football at any position’,” Silver said in a recent interview.

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