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Camille Kostek has embarked on a journey to the most beautiful place on earth. The beloved girlfriend of the legendary Rob Gronkowski is venturing away from the spotlight, if only temporarily. While the 4x Super Bowl champ holds the fort at home, the renowned model embarks on an extraordinary journey alongside her companion, Owen Moy. 

Moy emerges as a mysterious figure who has captured her heart and taken the spotlight away from the Gridiron titan. Together, they embark on an epic road trip, delving into the unknown. Along the way, they are trying bizarre snacks, and immerse themselves in breathtaking landscapes, all while embracing life to the fullest. The question remains: Who is Owen Moy?

A thrilling adventure


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Camille Kostek is a prominent figure among NFL enthusiasts. Her identity extends far beyond being the long-time girlfriend of former football tight end Rob Gronkowski. Beyond the celebrity life, wanderlust takes her on thrilling adventures, such as the one she is on these days. The esteemed swimsuit model is currently on a road trip through the enchanting landscapes of Iceland. She is accompanied by her friends, including Owen, a talented video creator. Her insatiable wanderlust drives her to explore mesmerizing places, and through her Instagram stories, she unveils the breathtaking beauty she’s experiencing. 

In one delightful moment, she tagged Owen and reveals his love for trying out bizarre snacks while being on the road. Camille shares their snack adventures, trying out unique protein bars with flavors like “Banana Dream” and the intriguing “PrettyBoiChoco.”

She said: “So Owen likes to get all the “weird snacks”. He likes to get new protein bars that have a weird flavor. And today is Banana Dream.”

Every picture she posts tells a story of a fairy tale coming to life, and she can’t help but express her joy and contentment in her captions. In one of her captions, she wrote: “I feel like I have been living in a fairytale.”

As the wind dances through her hair, she finds herself fully present in each moment. She is surrounded by the lush greenery, the mesmerizing waterfalls, and even the charming goats grazing by the roadside. Camille immerses herself in the magic of the journey, living every second to the fullest. 

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Despite the distance caused by Camille’s adventure-filled road trip and her captivating Instagram stories, it’s evident that the couple is going strong, proving that their bond can withstand any distance.

Camille Kostek’s passion for ocean preservation

Camille Kostek’s journey began as a cheerleader for New England Patriots, but it was her spot on the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit cover in 2019 that propelled her into the limelight. Alongside her thriving modeling career, she passionately advocates for ocean preservation. Through her diverse talents, she has garnered attention from numerous magazines and amassed a large following on Instagram.

Determined to make a difference, Kostek took action and became an ambassador for 4ocean, a passionate organization dedicated to combatting the ocean plastic crisis. Together with her partner Rob Gronkowski, they have embarked on a journey to raise awareness about plastic pollution, sparking a tidal wave of change.

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Kostek’s social media has become a powerful platform to amplify her message. Previously, she took to her Instagram to stress the urgency of protecting our precious oceans. 


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“With 70% of earth’s surface covered in water, our oceans are in desperate need of protection.”

She passionately called for immediate action, emphasizing the significance of small gestures, like switching to reusables in daily life, to make a substantial difference.


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Pass the message on,” Kostek urged, advocating for collective action towards healing our planet, one person at a time. Despite the daunting challenges posed by the ocean crisis, she remains optimistic about the potential for change. 

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