“Rog Is So Rich He Uses Poor People for Tissues”: NFL Twitter Cracks Up on Viral Clip of NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell Wiping Booger on Handicapped Girl

Published 06/17/2022, 5:00 PM EDT

Being a commissioner isn’t a straightforward job for Roger Goodell. He’ll have to forego one of America’s most physically demanding and popular sports. Furthermore, managing the 32 franchises carries its own set of challenges. However, one of Goodell’s instances is causing a stir among spectators, and it does not bode well.

The annual NFL Draft is a chance for collegiate football players to radiate. During the entire draft week, it focused all attention on them. It heightens the anticipation of which athlete will get the chance and where he will score. The 2017 draft was quite different. The pick by Roger Goodell disgusted everyone.


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The Pick and Wipe moment sickens the fans

In a live TV moment, the NFL Commissioner appears to be moving off the stage when the camera systems capture him in an act. Fans can see him picking or rubbing his nose with his hand, then wiping the back of a teen-handicapped girl. She was on stage to assist with the Chicago Bears’ short-listing.

Predictably, social networking sites became enraged by the actions of Roger Goodell, which completely incensed the spectators.


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According to one user, the NFL Commissioner is so wealthy that he uses people as a wipe.

An MJF parody account demands the termination of Goodell over his act.

A user has a one-word response to the incident.

Moreover, a user believes that it’s a 100% wipe of the hand.

A user makes use of a Family Guy GIF when Peter wipes off the booger on Meg’s cap.

Furthermore, a user notices that Goodell wipes his hand over his hair

A user may have figured out why Roger Goodell gets all the boos and hate.

A user makes a 78th-round prediction

Amidst all the hate, a user notices that Goodell didn’t use the same side of his hand.


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Did Roger Goodell actually wipe his booger off a teen’s back?

The angle could be misrepresentative, and the video only shows one side of the story. However, one thing stands out in the footage. As some users pointed out, the NFL Commissioner did not use the same side of his hand on the young girl.


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Goodell wipes his face with one side of the palm while placing the other side on the girl’s back. It’s unclear whether the NFL commissioner was trying to wipe his booger or purely patting the young girl on the back as they went down the stage.

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