RUMORS: Young NFL QB Finds Starting Job in Jeopardy After Russell Wilson Trade Rumors Intensify

Published 02/10/2022, 7:15 AM EST

There is a lot of quarterback drama going on in the NFL this year. A lot of big changes are bound to take place in the offseason. One of the biggest names set for a move is Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson. 

The Super Bowl-winning quarterback wants to stay in Seattle till he retires. But there is a possibility of him shifting to another city this year. Wilson is heavily being linked with the Philadelphia Eagles. This rumor puts the spot of the Eagles young quarterback Jalen Hurts in jeopardy.


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 Is Russell Wilson moving to Philadelphia?

Russell Wilson, Aaron Rodgers, and Deshaun Watson are some of the big names that could end up in a different franchise this offseason. Unlike Aaron Rodgers, Wilson actually wants to stay with the Seattle Seahawks for the next twenty years. But that dream might come to an end in the coming weeks.

Albert Breer of Sports Illustrated released a mailbag this week. In the mailbag, he addressed many situations concerning the NFL. One of Breer’s topics of discussion was the future of Russell Wilson. The senior NFL reporter has speculated that Wilson will move to Philadelphia. 


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“If I had to guess, I’d say he’ll eventually get moved. And I’d have said the destination was going to be the Saints a month ago. Now that Sean Payton’s gone, let’s put him in the NFC East … to the Eagles.” Wrote Albert Breer in his mailbag. 

The Philadelphia Eagles have revealed that Jalen Hurts will be their starting quarterback next season. But if they get the chance to add Russell Wilson to the roster, they will not turn it down. If it happens, this will put the future of Hurts in question. 

Could Wilson be joining the Washington Commanders?


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The Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson and the Commanders defensive lineman Jonathan Allen took a photo together. They both were part of the Pro Bowl squad and decided to click a picture after the practice. It seemed innocent, but the fans were quick to speculate. 


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The Washington Commanders are looking for a quarterback as well. And Wilson could be a perfect fit. The fans like to connect dots as always. And the quarterback will not mind joining the Commanders. The future of Russell Wilson is uncertain. But there is a substantial possibility of a trade. Where do you want to see him play next year?

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