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“How Did You Do It?”: 34 YO NFL Star Finally Breaks Mystery on 230-Pound Weight Loss Secret

Published 06/06/2023, 10:10 AM EDT

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Football is a physically demanding game. Every player in the NFL needs to be at the peak of their physical performance to reduce the risk of injuries during their professional footballing careers. Not only this, but they also follow a strict regiment of diet plus, and this converts into excellence for their teams on the field. Look at Tom Brady, for example. He was one of the oldest serving QB in the league last season at the age of 45. And the reason for his 7 Super Bowl championships? A good diet, and rigid and disciplined physical training. But should this physical discipline also be catered to only till they retire from the NFL?

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Many players, even after retiring from the league, continue to work on themselves in order to have a healthy lifestyle post their days of glory on the field. And there is this particular retired player, who has shown the world the ways of living a healthy post-retirement lifestyle. And his bizarre transformation has sent shockwaves around the NFL world.

Russell Okung and his bizarre transformation


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Former OT Russell Okung began his journey in the NFL in 2010. He was the sixth overall pick for the Seattle Seahawks in the 2010 draft and was also a crucial part of the early Russell Wilson era. He also won the Super Bowl with the Seahawks during the 2013 season, earning quite the fame as an OT during his 11-season career. When he retired from the league in 2020, he made headlines after being the first NFL player to have a part of his salary paid in Bitcoin. And now, he is making headlines once again with his amazing transformation post his NFL journey.



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In a recent tweet shared by the 34-year-old, he talked about his weight-loss journey post his NFL career. As an active player, he weighed in at around 300 pounds while being 6-foot-5. Now, in the post, he shows off his incredible weight loss journey, as he is seen having lost almost around 230 pounds. While answering the obvious question of “How did you do it?”, Russell Okung revealed that he went on a 40-day fast with nothing but water. He talked about how the fasting experience not only helped him lose weight but also brought him “mental clarity and spiritual revelation.”

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Russell Okung went on to talk about the change of habits from his career in the NFL. While the transformation is an incredible sight to behold, many other NFL greats have had quite the journey to remain at their peak despite retirement. 

A healthy post-retirement lifestyle

Tom Brady and Russell Okung are not the only players who continue their physical journey even after retirement. We also see Shannon Sharpe stick to a great routine and work out with a clean and healthy diet. Despite all the headlines he is making with his breakup with Skip Bayless on the UNDISPUTED show, the 54-year-old still remains in great shape and hits the gym on a regular basis. We can also look at the example of Cleveland Browns legend Joe Thomas. After retiring in 2018, he’s embarked on a journey that makes him almost unrecognizable as the 300-pound OT of the Browns. Today, even Thomas looks like a slim jack dude who can credit his new look to the incredible diet and journey he’s embarked on.


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Can you name some other NFL greats who have gone through an incredible transformation journey post their NFL careers? Let us know in the comments below. 

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