San Francisco 49ers Coach Kyle Shanahan Reveals Why he Did Not Sign Tom Brady

July 25, 2020 5:30 pm

San Francisco 49ers quarterback, Jimmy Garoppolo, has been at the receiving end of a lot of criticism of late. However, Coach Kyle Shanahan chose to keep the faith, even though he had an option to swap him for Tom Brady in the offseason.

Shanahan firmly believes that the 28-year-old signal-caller is the 49ers’ best shot to win a Super Bowl.

Speaking to NBC Sports‘ Chris Simms on the Chris Simms Unbuttoned podcast, he said, “That you’re just getting started. Last year was your first year playing quarterback for a full season. You’ve never had longer than a three-game stretch.

“Last year, you got 16 and look how good you did. Look how far we got and ‘Oh my god, we almost got all the way.’ But that’s not the finished product. That’s how I feel about myself, that’s how I feel about everything, that’s how I feel about our team.

“Like guys, we didn’t just get there, we are still going and you have to get better. What I like about our team is when I’m talking about Jimmy. How could he not get better? He’s played one season, and that’s just the starting point.”

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Why did the San Francisco 49ers stick to their guns?

Shanahan confessed that according to him, none of the players are at their peak and there is an over-all scope for improvement. In Garoppolo’s case, he gets better the more he plays.

Admittedly, the NFC has plenty of Super Bowl competitors. However, many view the 49ers as the favorites to represent the conference in Tampa Bay.

For that to happen, everything depends on Garoppolo and how he improves in the wake of a good 2019 season. Many critics insist that Garoppolo is not a Super Bowl-caliber quarterback. They all feel that the 49ers should have pounced at the chance to sign Brady.

Instead, Shanahan stuck to his guns and is eager to prove his naysayers wrong.


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