NFL Sends COVID-19 Protocol to All the Teams For Pre Season and Training

July 5, 2020 3:32 am

Football fans are restless to know about the 2020 NFL season’s proceedings. The coronavirus pandemic isn’t showing signs of calming down. Experts were worried whether the regular season could start as per its original schedule. It was not surprising when the NFL decided to cancel all games during its Week 1 and Week 3 of the postseason campaign.

Although the authorities are yet to decide, there are still doubts about the fate of the remaining postseason weeks. After all, every day, COVID-19 cases in the United States are hitting new global records. And with the training camp approaching closer, the NFL has finally handed the COVID-19 safety protocols to all its clubs. They sent it to all the teams on Friday night.

NFL COVID-19 protocols are aggressive

The document contains all the COVID-19 protocols required to be followed at the training camp and during the preseason. Also, it includes the case scenarios in which an individual is exposed to a coronavirus positive fellow.

Athletes have started preparing for their training ahead of the season. Soon they will travel to their respective team complexes. And there, they will spend six weeks together until the start of the regular season. Now they will require to adhere to strict and aggressive guidelines set by the NFL.

NFL Network’s Tom Pelissero has posted the document on Twitter. The document revealed the protocols that the league has set in order to keep COVID-19 infections at bay. He wrote, “The NFL last night sent to clubs COVID-19 protocols for 2020 training camp and preseason, including this detailed breakdown for handling individuals exposed to someone who tested positive.”

More about the guidelines

As per the document that Pelissero shared on social media, If a person comes in close contact with any symptomatic COVID-19 positive individual, the former must undergo a PCR virus test at the earliest. Apart from that, he must go into isolation until his results are out.

If the results are negative and his contact still stays asymptomatic, the person can return to his club facility. However, following his return, he must undergo an increased “monitoring” procedure. He should take regular tests in an attempt to keep others in the camp safe and protected.

In contrast, if the test comes out as positive, different protocols will be followed. In this scenario, the guidelines depend entirely upon whether the individual under observation is asymptomatic or not. However, in both cases, the person will require to stay away from his team for a substantial time. He can return to the training facility following medical approval.  

The USA is standing on the verge of touching 3 million total coronavirus cases. Over 132,000 people have lost their lives to this deadly disease. Amid such a gloomy and haunting period, football could cheer up the emotions of the nation to a certain extent. But at the same time, none associated with the sport must face any danger. The NFL authorities should ensure their safety.

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