“Slapping The Buffalo”: Eli Apple’s Spanking Dance and NFL Journo’s Thrilled Stance Make NFL Twitter Dance

Published 01/23/2023, 1:54 AM EST
CINCINNATI, OHIO – JANUARY 15: Sam Hubbard #94 and Joe Burrow #9 of the Cincinnati Bengals celebrate as they walk off the field after defeating the Baltimore Ravens in the AFC Wild Card playoff game at Paycor Stadium on January 15, 2023 in Cincinnati, Ohio. The Cincinnati Bengals defeated the Baltimore Ravens with a score of 24 to 17. (Photo by Dylan Buell/Getty Images)

The Cincinnati Bengals extended their dominance with a 21-10 triumph over the Buffalo Bills. After going through a rough couple of weeks with regard to Damar Hamlin’s collapse due to a cardiac arrest, the Bills would’ve wanted nothing more than to honor their teammate by lifting the title. 

But their dreams were halted by Joe Burrow and the Bengals. The Bengals, well, they couldn’t be happier and some players exhibited their positive sentiments with some perplexing yet entertaining moves.

Eli Apple has the NFL amused


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The Bills’ sloppiness from their playoff game against the Dolphins seems to have carried over against the Bengals. On the other hand, Cincinnati was not playing around. But despite their dominance, it was Eli Apple who grabbed the spotlight. The defensive star began his celebrations towards the end of the fourth quarter. 


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While the Bills Mafia may not have been amused by the gesture, other fans were highly entertained. Apple indulged in a ‘spanking’ celebration by making erratic swatting motions with his hands. Even though he was on the sidelines, the celebration did not escape public notice, and soon enough, it became a sensation. Here’s what fans had to say about his gestures.

Fans react to Apple’s celebration with glee

Apple had the NFL world in stitches over his celebration. Senior NFL reporter Dov Kleiman took to Twitter to share the video clip and incredulously asked, What is Eli Apple doing?
Fans interacted with Kleiman’s tweet and provided some hilarious responses. One user is not far from what the Bengals figuratively did to the Bills.

Another user triumphantly said.

Another fan hilariously stated.

This user is baffled by the celebration.


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One fan resonates with Kleiman.


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The Cincinnati Bengals are not out of the woods just yet. As they head into the AFC Championship Game, they take on the Kansas City Chiefs. Despite having a solid record against Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs, the Bengals will have to be on their A-game. Joe Burrow will want nothing more than to take home the title, especially after coming tantalizingly close last season. Regardless of what the Bengals’ future looks like, fans may find Eli Apple’s celebration hard to forget anytime soon.

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