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While headlines often highlight lucrative deals when athletes are either transferred or granted an extension, some contracts have remained unmatched for years. One such standout is Patrick Mahomes, whose $450 million deal has reigned supreme for nearly three years. Mahomes’ Super Bowl victory played a pivotal role in motivating the Chiefs to make a substantial investment to retain him for a decade. However, the arrival of Lionel Messi on the scene introduces a new contender, challenging the significance of the Super Bowl champ’s contract.

Following his World Cup triumph and departure from European club PSG, Messi embarked on a new chapter in the United States. He joined Inter Miami, an MLS club based in Miami. With his arrival, Mahomes’ contract now trails far behind.

Patrick Mahomes is no longer at the top


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Despite being established just five years ago, Inter Miami is still relatively new to the scene and has yet to gain significant international recognition. However, the club took a bold leap by making a substantial investment, surpassing even the payouts of other top athletes in the industry. Lionel Messi’s newly reported contract is rumored to be worth $150 million over a 2.5-year period, a staggering amount that exceeds Mahomes’ current annual compensation by $15 million. And there is more to the story.

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LM10’s contract with his current team is nothing compared to his previous 4-year contract, which was only revealed after his departure from the team. After spending almost 15 years with Barcelona, Messi finally signed a huge extension worth a staggering $673 million. Which is still regarded as the biggest sports contract of all time.

When combining the reported contracts, the total value for Lionel Messi reaches an astounding $900 million. This amount is double that of Mahomes’ contract, despite Messi having 3.5 years less in contract tenure. However, there is a perfect reason why Mahomes had decided to sign such a low-baller contract.

The Chiefs depend on Mahomes for a balanced roster


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Mahomes chose to follow in the footsteps of Tom Brady in 2020 by signing a decade-long extension with his team. While $450 million may appear remarkably high for a contract, Mahomes currently ranks seventh in terms of annual quarterback pay. The two-time MVP made the conscious decision to strengthen the roster by bringing in additional players, accepting less compensation in the process. This selfless act mirrors the noble cause embraced by Tom Brady.

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Mahomes has consistently exceeded everyone’s expectations in recent seasons and continues to excel in every endeavor he undertakes. Even prior to the season’s commencement, he has already showcased his dominance on both the baseball field and golf course.


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The Chiefs have also bolstered their defense to provide better protection for their star QB. With Mahomes leading the way, the upcoming season holds great promise for the Chiefs.

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