Still Chasing a Ring at 80, Billionaire Jerry Jones Talks to Odell Beckham Jr’s Mother to Further Signing

Published 03/11/2023, 4:48 AM EST

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Free agent Odell Beckham Jr has been having quite the offseason for himself. The wide receiver has been out of the game since last February after he tore his ACL with the Los Angeles Rams in their Super Bowl victory against the Cincinnati Bengals. With March 15th approaching slowly in the NFL for the trade period to being, OBJ will be looking forward to teams who will wish to add the WR to their roster for the 2023 season. Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones has been looking forward to signing OBJ for the Cowboys since 2022.

Now, in the latest development of this saga, Jones had interacted with Odell Beckham Jr’s mother, in an effort to inch closer to signing a deal with the WR.

Jones has a conversation with Odell Beckham Jr’s mother


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An article by Wilton Jackson for SI states that after being sidelined in the NFL for 13 straight months due to his injury, reports of OBJ engaging himself in a workout session surfaced in the NFL world. The WR had a workout session on Friday in Arizona. The Dallas Cowboys had clarified that they had not sent anyone officially to represent them at OBJ’s workout session. Nevertheless, it does not mean that they are not interested in the possibility of signing the WR.


Jerry Jones went ahead to meet OBJ’s mother and had an impressive conversation with her. While talking to Clarence Hill of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, Jones said, “I did have a very impressive conversation with the most important one in this whole proposition, that’s his mother. It was really easy for me to see where Odell got a lot of his pulses. She was very impressive. You can see where he gets a lot of the things he has.”


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After being out for so long, the free agent WR would love to come back and set his foot in the NFL once again. While March 15 officially begins the trading period for teams, it will be interesting to see who will pick the 30-year-old for a comeback in the NFL.

Comeback year for OBJ?

Will this year be the year we see Odell Beckham Jr’s resurgence in the NFL? It is no doubt that he still has a lot left in his tank. He still possesses the skills and talents required to play in the big league, even after such a long hiatus. It will be interesting to see which team will lead to the resurgence of OBJ in 2023, that is if it is meant to be for the WR this year.


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