“Stop Kissing All The Babies”: Broncos Head Coach Sean Payton Revives $245,000,000 Russell Wilson Redemption Project

Published 09/06/2023, 2:28 AM EDT

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The Broncos are on the rebound, and it seems Sean Payton might be their savior. Trading for this Super Bowl-winning head coach, the Denver Broncos outfit looks towards the 2023 season with optimism, especially after a dismal 2022 performance from star man Russell Wilson. The winds have brought whispers of a tweet by Dov Kleiman, revealing a glimpse of Payton’s game plan.

The Denver Broncos have been strangers to shaking things up. Last year, in a blockbuster deal, they traded multiple picks and players to the Seattle Seahawks for Wilson. It was a move anticipated to overhaul their offense. Can Sean Payton, a coach known for his quarterback resuscitation skills, breathe new life into Wilson’s game?

No more publicity for Russell Wilson?


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Kleiman’s tweet shed light, stating, “Broncos coach Sean Payton told QB Russell Wilson to focus less on ‘Russell Inc.'” underscoring Payton’s dedication to reinvigorating Wilson’s gameplay. For the majority of fans, Wilson, in his first year with the Broncos, behaved more like a corporate honcho than a quarterback, even maintaining an office with an ‘open-door policy’. But Payton’s arrival indicates a shift.

With his history of optimizing quarterbacks, from Drew Brees to Teddy Bridgewater, there’s hope that the Broncos, with Wilson in refined form, might just become contenders again. In a candid moment highlighted by ESPN, Payton had some stark advice for Wilson: “Will you f—ing stop kissing all the babies? You’re not running for public office.”

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Beyond the helmets: Russell’s ambitions


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Russell Wilson, over the years, has been more than a quarterback. His presence next to Commissioner Roger Goodell during the Super Bowl in a luxury suite says it all. ESPN’s Brady Henderson painted the bigger picture when he shared an anecdote from Wilson’s agent, Mark Rodgers, about Wilson’s dreams that went beyond the field—dreams of owning an NFL team and creating a legacy.

While building a brand while playing is common (Michael Jordan being a case in point), it’s a tightrope walk. Performances like Wilson’s in 2022 open the door for criticism, with some, like NFL Network’s Kyle Brandt, branding him as inauthentic. With Payton at the helm, it’s pivotal for Wilson to harmonize his off-field ambitions with his on-field performance.


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The Denver Broncos have made bold moves, and with Sean Payton’s arrival, there’s anticipation in the air. The cryptic tweet by Kleiman is just a snapshot of the bigger picture that’s unfolding. As Payton navigates the challenges with Wilson, there’s hope for a revitalized Broncos team in 2023. The ball, quite literally, is in Wilson’s court now.

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