“Takes a lot of pride in that” – San Francisco 49ers GM Recalls Kyle Shanahan as Quarterback

August 24, 2020 4:40 am

Kyle Shanahan signed a massive five-year contract extension with San Francisco 49ers. The contract made him one of the top five highest-earning coaches in the NFL at present. He was terrific in 2019 and almost led the San Francisco-based franchise to a Super Bowl trophy.

Not many are aware but before coaching, Shanahan played football while attending the University of Texas at Austin. This was while his father Mike Shanahan was coaching Denver Broncos in the NFL. As a wide receiver, Shanahan completed 14 passes for 127 yards in his short college career.

However, San Francisco 49ers GM John Lynch has an interesting Kyle Shanahan quarterback story from their team’s training routine.

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Kyle Shanahan steps into the shoes of Jimmy G during San Francisco 49ers training

While speaking to The Athletics’ Tim Kawakami, Lynch spoke about how Shanahan used to play as a quarterback while coaching the defensive teams.

“He takes a lot of pride in that. There’s a segment of practice, Tim you’ve seen, where he plays quarterback against our defense because he wants to challenge them, and poke holes in the coverages. The mad scientist kind of meets the ex-football player.

“I’ll give you a little insight, sometimes I go in his office and he’s watching film, he’s watching film of himself against our defense. I say come on Kyle, ‘Let’s move on,'” Lynch said via NBCSports.

Shanahan is optimistic heading into the 2020 season. The 49ers narrowly missed out on the Super Bowl Trophy with a loss to Kansas City Chiefs in Miami. However, they will start the upcoming season as favorites once again with the likes of George Kittle, Sammy Watkins, Richard Sherman, Nick Bosa, and Trent Williams to count upon. Will Shanahan help the 49ers win that elusive sixth Lombardi Trophy?

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