“Belichick will be Live Every Year” – Analyst Predicts New England Patriots will win Super Bowl before Tom Brady

May 27, 2020 8:22 pm

NFL analyst, Max Kellerman predicted on Monday that in the battle for Super Bowl, New England Patriots’ Bill Belichick would defeat Tom Brady. “First of all, Belichick is much more responsible for the Patriots’ success and the Patriot Way than Brady, although Brady is also very responsible. If you have to ask, in the NFL, it’s the head coach.”

Brady and Bellichick won six Super Bowl Championships together, but who deserves more credit for the team’s success has always been a moot point. Determining an individual’s contribution in a team sport can be very difficult, especially when comparing a quarterback and a head coach.

Buccaneers have better odds than New England Patriots

Kellerman believes that the New England Patriots lost their top quarterbacks and many others on their roster. Yet people are confident that they will win. So, despite the odds stacked against them, Belichick will still come out on top. Brady’s best shot at a Championship is in the next two years, given his age and decline. Bill, on the other hand, “is going to be there every single year. He’s going to win the Super Bowl first.

Marcus Spears, however, thinks that Brady will win the Super Bowl before the Patriots’. “Tom Brady is surrounded by a bunch of athletes that can play this game at a high level“, the former footballer said.

Does Brady have one more Super Bowl left in his career?

The star Quarterback will turn 43 later this year and will, perhaps, not play after the age of 45. This might mean that he is already in the twilight of his career and not have any more Championships left. Max noted that while the Buccaneers do seem to have better odds this season, things still need to fall into place for any team to win the Super Bowl.

In the meantime, Brady has been out playing some golf. Just last week, he and Phil Mickelson played the “The Match: Champions for Charity” against Peyton Manning and Tiger Woods. Together, they raised $20 million for COVID-19 relief funds. Brady took a lot of beating on social media with $100,000 being offered if he could just make a par. However, his one brilliant shot silenced everyone.

Who do you think will emerge victorious in the run to the Super Bowl, Brady or Belichick?

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