Retired Tom Brady’s Fans Keep the GOAT Legacy Alive, Believe His Feats Altered the Solar System’s Fabric

Published 08/22/2023, 7:30 AM EDT

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NFL GOAT, Tom Brady’s off-field accolades continue to expand with each passing day. His recent acquisition of ownership in Birmingham FC has stirred the sports industry, and the anticipation of his upcoming minority ownership deal with the Las Vegas Raiders has fans on their toes. Amidst this, his intriguing foray into the E1 Electric Boat Racing league from the past months has reemerged, possibly due to a forthcoming announcement.

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Just a month ago, the sports world was abuzz with Brady’s involvement in the boat racing league, which already boasted the participation of several other notable figures from different sports genres. Now, a recent video has surfaced, featuring the team owners, with a captivating challenge, that even bids TB12 ‘superior’ to a planet.

Tom Brady, even greater than Saturn?


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Even prior to the NFL star’s participation, the E1 league already featured esteemed figures like the 22-time Grand Slam champion, Rafael Nadal, soccer icon Didier Drogba, and Formula One star Sergio Perez. Thanks to these athletes’ involvement, North American audiences were already buzzing with anticipation for fresh and exhilarating announcements. Their recent video potentially constitutes one of these announcements, a well-known challenge called the ‘Pass The Phone Challenge,’ engaging all the owners.


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The video commences with Ivorian football legend, Drogba, who kicks off the challenge by saying, “I’m passing the phone to the King of the Tracks,” before the screen shifts to the Mexican F1 driver. Perez greets the fans and passes the phone to the 22-time Grand Slam winner. Captured in a gym and exuding joy, the tennis icon pays a remarkable tribute to the NFL star, playfully dubbing him ‘more of a ring owner than Saturn.’ TB12, concludes the video by passing the phone to the next undisclosed team owner.


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In the comments section, fans promptly showcase their excitement, some even speculating on their favorite athlete to become the subsequent owner.

Fans choose LeBron James!

The groundbreaking concept of electric boat racing, featuring the remarkable RaceBirds, has captured the attention of sports enthusiasts worldwide. These E1 boats utilize hydrofoils to glide above the water’s surface, achieving speeds of up to 100 kilometers per hour. With an impressive roster of four top-tier athletes as team owners already, the prospect of additional high-profile individuals joining the fold looms on the horizon.

A fan voiced her stance, revealing her preferred owner, commenting, “Pass the phone to @kingjames 🙌,” and tagging the NBA legend.

Yet another fan pitched in, saying, “I would love if it was The Rock, imagine how cool would it be🤩”

One of the fans was clearly amused by Nadal’s Saturn reference, and wrote, “TB More Rings than Saturn!!😁”


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A fan chose herself as the next team owner, writing, “me 😂🔥 we all #legends down here 😎😊”

Lastly, a fan threw shades at the F1 driver, commenting, “King of the track😂😂😂 don’t do drugs

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The eagerly anticipated E1 series championship is slated to commence next month, marking the inaugural moment for this innovative sports genre. With luminaries like Brady at its heart, this event promises to captivate audiences, setting the stage for an intriguing unfolding of events.


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