“That’s Exactly Why They Still Have Hundreds of Millions in the Bank…”: Eli Manning’s Cheeky Picture With Brother Peyton Manning Sparks Up Twitter Debates & Hilarious Takes

Published 06/23/2022, 6:16 AM EDT

Eli Manning has been having a blast ever since he made his debut in the social media sphere. There’s not a tweet that has ever disappointed his followers. The trend seems to continue, as his recent tweet with his brother Peyton becomes a sensation, and fans are having fun with it.

Peyton and Eli Manning are among the most prominent names in the National Football League. Even though they are now out of any on-field action, they have been living the best course as television broadcast personalities.


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Giants legend Eli Manning is having a series on the social media platform where he shares pictures of famous personalities he meets. This time, he bumps into a household celebrity, Hall of Fame quarterback Peyton Manning.

The caption mentions, “I’m on a roll. I ran into another football player today.” The image features the Manning Bros in their iconic checkered shirts and all smiles for the picture.

Twitter users have fun over Manning’s photograph

The users on the platform are having an absolute fest of glee over the photograph, each coming up with a hilarious quip.


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One user believes they have millions in their banks, but they still do their shopping from Kohls.

Another user asks Eli if he told about the time he beat Tom Brady. Not once, but twice.

A user calls out Twitterati’s hate comments towards the Mannings. He claims users are jealous as Peyton is number 1, and Eli lies in the top 10.

Moreover, a user claims the Mannings are all about postseason action, and another gives his super cold take.

Another user pulls out an awesomely hilarious moment of Peyton’s recent college event visit.

A user gives reasons behind why Eli is the Best Manning.

Moreover, a user calls the Manning Bros to look like accountants.

Furthermore, a user calculates the likelihood of both having the exact shirt the other is wearing in their closet.

Eli Manning trolls Peyton during a college event


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It’s been a busy time for the Manning Brothers. Especially for Peyton, who was filming for ‘Peyton’s Places.’ As he was filming a baseball segment, Elder Manning was probably present for Ole Miss’ 5-1 triumph over Auburn.


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Ole Miss used former Giants quarterback Eli Manning’s name to make a light joke about him when they emphasized his enrollment on the jumbotron. “Peyton Manning, Eli Manning’s brother,” read the display board. Eli loved that and sent out a tweet of approval.



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