“That’s How You Get a 10-Year Extension” – Throwback to Patrick Mahomes Super Bowl Victory

July 9, 2020 12:00 pm

It’s not everyday that an NFL player bags a $450 million deal. That’s something remarkable that the Kansas City Chiefs’ Quarterback Patrick Mahomes has achieved.

One can probably count the number of people who doubt Mahomes’ credibility and athletic prowess, that earned him a contract with such a hefty sum, on their fingertips.

There must be something that the Chiefs saw in their quarterback. Otherwise, why would they initiate the most expensive sports contract that the world has ever witnessed? And a day after history was made, NFL posted a throwback video of the Super Bowl LIV final between the Chiefs and the San Francisco 49ers on their Instagram account.

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Along with the video, they added a caption that read, “Lead the @chiefs to an all-time Super Bowl comeback? That’s how you get a 10-year extension. @patrickmahomes”.

Patrick Mahomes was a beast in the Super Bowl LIV final

That particular game was a remarkable one. After all, the Chiefs were trailing behind the Niners with more than a double-digit deficit. Eventually, Mahomes’ leadership and unrelenting grit on the pitch helped his team make a comeback.

However, there was a much more incredible experience was in store for them. In the end, the Kansas City Chiefs won their second title. And this victory was certainly an emotional one for the Chiefs’ fans, considering how they had to wait exactly 50 years to watch their favorite team triumph and be crowned the champions in the Super Bowl.

During the postseason, the Chiefs fell behind the Niners by 10 points. Even in the final, they were trailing. But the 24-year-old quarterback had a plan and was determined to carry his side through to the victory podium.

It was his tournament-long distinction on the field along with incredible sportsmanship under the high pressure that won him the Super Bowl MVP title.

At a time, when the supporters were anticipating another Super Bowl failure, Patrick Mahomes singlehandedly guided the Chiefs to 21 straight points for a 31-20 victory over the 49ers.

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Kansas City Chiefs wanted an impact maker

Ask any football fan and he would term this particular game as nothing less than a fairytale. Well, the Niners’ supporters would call it a nightmare of course. But, Mahomes’ impact could be felt by both sides and how!

The Chiefs, as a result, desperately wanted him tied down for a longer-term. He is their duck that lays a golden egg, the one with the Midas touch, that none would want to leave, no matter the cost.

And the $450-million contract is rather self-explanatory as far as the Chiefs’ interest in their prodigal son is concerned.



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