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“They Don’t Deserve Him”: Ravens’ Expected Decision on QB Lamar Jackson Erupts Fans Amidst Contract Standoff

Published 03/06/2023, 2:34 PM EST

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The deadline for teams to franchise tags their players is crawling in quickly. With March 7 set to be the final date, the Baltimore Ravens are finally shining some light on their situation with their quarterback, Lamar Jackson. The Ravens are now considering franchise-tagging the quarterback. But with several rounds of negotiations falling through, we might see the Ravens using the non-exclusive tag on the QB. This will mean that other teams will be able to negotiate with Lamar Jackson for a possible contract deal. 

While this might be the possible road ahead, Ravens fans also expressed their opinions online on the expected outcome of the Jackson saga.

Fans erupt over Ravens’ expected decision on Lamar Jackson 


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According to a tweet by NFL insider Dov Kleiman, the Baltimore Ravens are looking to use their franchise tag option on Lamar Jackson. However, they are considering using the non-exclusive tag for the QB. This means that other teams can offer the QB a contract that the Ravens can match or decline, in exchange for two 1st round draft picks.



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Fans took to social media to show their discontentment at the possible decision to be taken.

Lamar Jackson has been quite the asset for the Baltimore Ravens. He’s been a dominant force in his position. Despite the injury-prone season he’s had, the Ravens were still optimistic about not letting their star QB go.


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But now, as the franchise tag deadline is approaching, it seems that the Ravens do not wish to drag the whole situation further without a possible ending. It feels like that after reaching several dead ends; the Ravens are looking to move forward one way or another. 

What does this mean for Jackson?

If Lamar Jackson is franchise tagged non-exclusively, it will mean that other teams will be able to make offers to Jackson, which the Ravens can either match or decline. This will also open up the doors for the quarterback to decide his own future in the NFL. 


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We will finally see the last chapter of the Jackson saga unfold very soon. After days of speculations and discussions, the future of this QB will finally have a direction. What do you think will happen if Jackson gets a non-exclusive franchise tagged? Let us know in the comments below.

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