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“They Don’t Know How to Lead People”: Deion Sanders Rips His Coaches in an Honest Admission on Colorado Situation

Published 04/27/2023, 3:47 PM EDT

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Deion Sanders is a hard man to please. While Sanders and his epic tales of glory still resonate to this day, his coaching career seems to be in a tricky position. Coach Prime shifted his entire focus on Colorado Buffaloes, hoping to revamp a team that went 1-11 the prior season. But his plans did have negative connotations for some of the existing Colorado players. As of now, 41 of Sanders’ players have aligned with the transfer portal seeking a move away, and they have Sanders’ blessing.

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In fact, it was Deion Sanders himself who warned his team that there would be some significant changes, and he kept his word. But, it’s not only players, who have landed on Sanders’ bad books, but some of the coaching staff as well.

Sanders demands leadership


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Leadership has been pivotal for any team to succeed, especially on a collegiate level. Coming into the Colorado program, Deion Sanders found some of his coaching staff lacking on this front.

During his recent appearance on the ‘Pat McAfee Show’, Coach Prime addressed the situations leading up to his players opting for the transfer portal and even called out the coaching staff.


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“Great coordinators, but they’re not relational. And they don’t know how to lead people. Great coordinators, but you got to be a leader of men to be in these certain positions. Because if you’re not these kids these days are going to see right through it because now they’re exposed to everything because of this (pointing to his phone), they’re exposed to everything they can find everything about you before you walk into a meeting, they know all your credentials and they check in you,” Sanders said.

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Coach Prime believes that his staff needs to figure out a way to be inspirational in every meeting. Additionally, Sanders feels that ‘relativity’ has been a major concern, he needs his staff to relate to each and every player on the roster irrespective of their race or background.

While, Sanders’ comments make perfect sense from the outside looking in, some of his players did take to social media to call out the injustice they have been subjected to.

Is Deion Sanders accountable?

The drastic approach taken by Coach Prime has not been well received by many of the existing Colorado players. While some hope to be recruited by rival teams, others feel wronged and somewhat betrayed.


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Speaking of the existing chaos, offensive lineman Travis Gray shared his views, “I’m not sure he knew the names of half the kids he got rid of, He was worried about who he brought in. If you were on the 1-11 team, it seemed like he didn’t really care about us at all.

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Gray further clarified that Coach Prime had already informed the team that he plans of getting rid of around 25-30 guys, and that’s exactly what he did.

Another Colorado tight end, Zachary Courtney, took to Twitter to share the fact that Sanders had denied the players access to any practice footage, making it difficult to get recruited.


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Amidst all the ongoing back and forth, Deion Sanders maintains that he is headed in the right direction and will bring Colorado back to relevance, but at what cost? NFL Twitter has spoken for and against both parties.

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