“They Were Reaching For My Chain”- Cam Newton Addresses On-Field Clashes Against Dolphins

September 14, 2020 11:56 pm

Cam Newton started his tenure in New England with a win against the Miami Dolphins on Sunday. Bill Belichick seemed pleased with the 21-11 win to kick the season off. However, Newton’s performance, in particular, will come as a huge positive.

Newton was the start for the Patriots as they managed to begin life after Tom Brady on a positive note. Here’s what Cam said in the post-game presser in relation to some on-field altercations with the Dolphins players.

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Cam Newton shines on his New England Patriots debut on Sunday

The man-of-the-moment Cam Newton addressed the media following their win over the Dolphins on Sunday. The 2015 NFL MVP spoke about the on-field incident that involved some of the Dolphins players.

“I still got my chain. I got two of ’em. They were reaching for my chain, though. They were reaching for my chain. And I think that kind of got up under my skin. But yeah, through it all, man, listen — I don’t want nothing to be taken away from a great team game that we did have.

“And I don’t want to be selfish to kind of focus or dwell on that. I think for us as a team, or me personally — a lot of tempers can flare. And I was just teasing with Coach [Bill Belichick], just letting him know that the College Park almost came out in me.

“Yet through it all, man, it was all fun and games. And it was expected,” Newton said via NFL Network.

I don’t want to disrespect anybody, asserts Newton

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The former Carolina Panthers man spoke about his mindset heading into the season.

He said, “It wasn’t nothing. It was a competitive game — on both sides. You just have to realize who you’re talking to, and just keep everything in the game.

“I realized I was talking to a person that’s known for doing splits. So it wasn’t characteristic of myself to keep going back and forth. But at the end of the day, it’s football.

“And for me, no matter who it is, I play with a competitive edge and I expect the other team to have a competitive edge. And at the end of the day, anything outside of that, it’s just all about respect. I don’t disrespect nobody, and I wouldn’t want anybody to disrespect me. But yet at the end of the day, we got the thing that was most valuable today, and that’s the win,” Newton concluded.

The Patriots are slated to go up against the Seattle Seahawks away from home and then host Las Vegas Raiders at the Gillette Stadium the week after. Coach Belichick will be preparing for a mouth-watering Week Four clash against the reigning Super Bowl champions, Kansas City Chiefs.

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