“They’re always skeptical about it” – Joe Montana’s Timely Advice To Tom Brady

August 27, 2020 5:02 am

Tom Brady’s move to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers could be compared to Joe Montana’s switch to the Kansas City Chiefs back in 1993. Both quarterbacks were in the later stages of their career when they parted ways with their sole NFL franchise for a new challenge. Of course, Montana played for the Chiefs for just one season before he decided to retire in 1994. Will that be the case for Tom Brady or does fate have a different plan for him?

Brady arrives in Florida with a massive responsibility on his shoulders. But if anyone can handle that kind of pressure, it’s Tom. Despite turning 43 earlier this month, TB12 has shown that he is still hungry for more. It will be interesting to see if he can help take the Buccaneers offense to a whole new level this season.

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Joe Montana gives Tom Brady a personal message based on his experiences

The legendary Joe Montana made a surprise appearance on the Good Morning Football talk show earlier this week. Here’s what he said when asked to give Tom Brady a special message for his Tampa Bay adventure.

I think the biggest thing is, finding a way, no matter what, there will always be those guys that are even a little skeptical of, I don’t know how you are, Tom, but until you prove you can do it for them, they’re always skeptical about it.

“The same thing happened in Kansas City and once that happened, once you get totally accepted in there, which I don’t think it will take long — Tom’s not the kind of guy who will make anything difficult — so I think he’s going to be fun, fun to watch,” Montana said.

It’s no secret that the six-time Super Bowl winner is in Florida for a specific purpose. The three-time NFL MVP winner is adamant to prove that he is still at the top of his game. Brady will be aiming for nothing less than a playoff spot (at least) in his first season with the Buccaneers. Will head coach Bruce Arians manage to get the most out of his star quarterback heading into the 2020 season?

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