“They’re Setting Him Up”: Travis Kelce’s Brother Jason Invites Alleged Bank Robber to New Heights Podcast Freaking Out NFL Fans

Published 04/01/2023, 4:30 AM EDT

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The New Heights Podcast showcases the laid-back side of Jason and Travis Kelce, where they talk about various football updates, and discuss stories. Despite the NFL offseason, Jason and Travis Kelce have continued to keep the show going, earning a dedicated following of fans who can’t get enough of their charm. With notable guests like their parents, Patrick Mahomes, and Paul Rudd, the show is a must-listen for any football lover. However, Jason has taken the show to new heights by featuring a Kansas City Chiefs superfan who is currently facing serious charges. The developments have football enthusiasts in a state of panic! 

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Jason Kelce has a mad plan!

The Kansas City Chiefs has a passionate and one of the most popular fanbases but ChiefsAholic is a revered fan of it. Jason Kelce wants to find Chiefsaholic and offered a proposal for him to appear in the Podcast.


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The Philadelphia Eagles Center tweeted, “Chiefsaholic, I don’t know where you are, but my brother and I would love to have you on [@newheightshow] to tell your story. We will go wherever, and disclose nothing for the sake of journalism.


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To everyone’s surprise, the Chiefs’ die-hard fan replied and made a point of contact to make it happen. Jason responded to reach out on the podcast’s email id. It certainly looks like Kelce wants to make it happen, and it would be a fascinating episode to monitor.

As per ESPN, ChiefsAholic, aka Xaviar Babudar, is a prominent Chiefs Kingdom member who turned into a notorious figure. He did not miss any Chiefs game and wore a wolf suit with a mask that made him distinctive. However, he is accused of a bank robbery in Tulsa, Oklahoma, while en route for the Chiefs game in Houston.

NFL fans are horrified

Given that ChiefsAholic is dealing with a criminal offense, having him show up in a Podcast appearance might raise questions. But Jason Kelce is still going for it. Since the tweet went up on the platform like a storm, the NFL fandom had wild reactions.

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One user said it is inevitably a setup.

Another user said the Kelce Brothers would have an officer arrest him amidst the show.

However, this user said he is sure that’s not ChiefsAholic.

This user said if it’s not a troll, it would be crazy.

This user also put up a troll.

Moreover, this user said the Kelce Brothers are working with the feds.


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This user is wondering if New Heights is another dateline show.


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Will the KC Chiefs’ most notorious enthusiast show up at the fan-favorite show with the Kelce Brothers? It is open to scrutiny.

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