“This is my Baby” – Throwback to When Lewis Hamilton Showed Odell Beckham Jr. His Car Collection

July 3, 2020 12:34 am

Athletes across various sports are often known to be friends. Odell Beckham Jr. and Lewis Hamilton are among such athletes. The duo continues to maintain a strong bond despite living on two sides of the “pond”. As Lewis’ friend, the wide receiver attended the Monaco Grand Prix, one of the most popular Formula 1 races in the world in the fanciest principality of Europe. This was Odell’s first-ever race and what a brilliant race it was to be at. Lewis Hamilton won the race despite trouble and successfully inspired the wide receiver.

To see Lewis pull it off, under pressure, in the championship – I was telling a brother of mine this has really motivated me, the whole experience,” Beckham Jr told Sky Sports F1 after the race last year. “The race as well, it was truly special.” Odell further said that talking to Hamilton made him understand how important the race was to the reigning F1 champion.

Even though the NFL and F1 don’t have much in common, the three-times Pro Bowlers couldn’t help but draw parallels. “I was watching the race and thinking about it as if I was in a game,” the 27-year-old said. “We’re Lap 50, we’re in the third quarter. You’re getting tired mentally, how deep are you going to dig?

Lewis Hamilton took Odell Beckham Jr. on a small tour

Before the race, Hamilton and Beckham Jr. went on a tour of the streets of Monaco. These are the same streets that turn into a racing circuit for the Grand Prix. And Lewis Hamilton tweeted a video of the duo driving around Monte Carlo on Wednesday as a throwback to the good time they had. Odell, of course, retweeted this.

Hamilton wanted to take Beckham Jr. in one of his favorite supercars, the Zonda 760LH, but apparently its battery had died. So, the two took Lewis’ rather tiny electric car.

The video was shot right after Odell was traded to the Cleveland Browns and he is seen discussing moving and how he needed a “fresh start”, with Lewis. He also mentioned how being on the same team with Jarvis Landry was something he has wanted since college. Beckham and Landry first met in a Louisiana high school and went on to play together for LSU. The two always hoped to reunite in the NFL.

Beckham was speculated to accompany Cam Newton after the latter signed with the Patriots. The two trained together this offseason. But Odell shunned these speculations saying that he won’t leave Cleveland until their unfinished business is taken care of.

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