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“This Isn’t Funny”: NFL World Reacts to Viral Clip Showing Arizona Cardinals Getting Badly Booed in Their Home Turf Against Philadelphia Eagles

Published 10/10/2022, 10:30 AM EDT

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Arizona Cardinals had a splendid chance for a win, but it slipped out in the last minute while the Eagles continued their unbeaten streak on the NFL Sunday clash. Nick Sirianni and his men have an envious 5-0 record in the NFL this season.

Meanwhile, the Cardinals suffered their third loss this season. They have only won two, and need to step up to keep the playoff hopes alive. Kliff Kingsbury and his men were more disappointed as they got booed in their home by the fans, shared widely in a viral video. This led to several interesting reactions on Twitter.


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One fan said this is not funny.

A fan thinks it is just obvious.

This fan could not agree more.


A user spoke about home games.

A user asked if it was already Christmas.


How did the Cardinals lose the game?

At one stage, the Cardinals tied the game 17-17 with less than 10 minutes left. The Eagles were on a tough path. They were undefeated, and that record looked in danger. However, they took a lead and then survived a 43-yard field goal. The attempt went wide, and it led to a 20-17 win. 

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Earlier, they started off with a 14-0 lead. However, the Catholics bounced back and Eno Benjamin scored a touchdown. It tied the game at 17. However, the matchup did not go in their favor. This is the third time the Eagles have made a 5-0 start to the season. Previously, they did so in 1981 and 2004. Meanwhile, several users expressed their views on Twitter.


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This user posted a GIF.

A user said there are a lot of empty seats.


This user spoke about the frustration part.

This user saw the funny side.

One user could not believe it.


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Heavyweight clash for the Eagles in the NFL

Arizona Cardinals will next meet the Seahawks, and they cannot afford another setback this time. Meanwhile, the Eagles will be up against the Cowboys, another top-performing team in the NFL this season.


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The Cowboys have secured a 4-1 record this season. This was after top QB Dak Prescott was ruled out after an injury in the opener. They are coming to meet the Eagles in the backdrop of four consecutive wins. The fans will expect a feast as they lock horns in a much-awaited contest.

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